GSCE First Harvest



Hey fellers, this is my first time to grow GSCE, I was wondering if anyone out there has grown it before and how long they kept her in flowering stage before harvest? I am 6 weeks in(indoor grow) and shes super tall. However, I am not seeing any of the purple buds that are displayed on ILGM seed shop for this bud. Maybe it comes later or maybe its just luck of the draw any advice be greatly appreciated. Feel free to share and thanks in advace.

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You may not get color the plants pheno type can determine color also cooler temps at lights out.


Like @Sirsmokes said it can depend on the pheno, I’ve grown gsc and because I couldn’t ever take my Ppms to zero to flush it out what I did was I took my pH to 8.5 to inhibit the uptake of nutrients and wound up getting a ton of purple

You can follow the journal here


@Swiss Hi if it’s a purple it won’t get it’s color almost to the end and then it is slow and then all of a sudden she’s purple. Good luck:)


@TDubWilly Those are beautiful! Is it my imagination or is it fox tailing. I had one do that and it was potent Lady!


Just the tips of some of the buds began to fox tail ever so slightly @highcountrygal . I wasnt super impressed with the strain, but don’t get me wrong it would get you really high.

I just never tasted any unique characteristics with gscx like I have some other strains


@TDubWilly thats a deff buzz kill, hope we have different opinions. I hope my “judging a book by it’s cover” doesn’t back fire.


You want temps down around 60ish or lower to help with the colors in last weeks of flower
Just a FYI
But as stated sometimes you dont get the color


Don’t sweat what I say, it’s just my opinion alone lol.

@Myfriendis410 grows it and loves it so just because I said it wasnt my favorite strain doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy @Swiss


Weren’t you mainly unhappy with the yields? Mine was okay (I’d have to look back) and the smoke was good. It took a month in the jar to develop a chocolate/mint note–very subtle but definitely there. Medium potency and more of a daytime strain for me. I’m growing another one right now; just put in flower last week.


Nah the yield on the first one could have been better but I had no complaints on the second plant.

I had zero problems with the high either, just want bursting with flavor like chronic widow, gold leaf, and bubble gum. All the taste associated with GSC just seemed very subtle like you said.

I grew both plants from one seed though, the second was a clone off the first so Maybe that particular pheno just happen not to be bursting with flavor


Then again; maybe not. Interesting that I described your harvest with mine…


And mine seemed to get more as the cure progressed but I wasn’t even looking for it as I had no idea it got purple . But mine had little purple dots .


@TDubWilly @Myfriendis410 app the feed back, i doubt i’d grow this strain again. it’s been a very large competitive plant for me. Its been fun but i’ll be glad when the harvest is complete.


They do get big . My one shot at growing a Banner is turning out to be a really big girl 2x the size of the ww and gold leaf they were germinated with . Just dropped 3blue dream and a Train wreck . When you smoke it you may decide it was worth the extra attention…I sure did


This is it now and the second pic was the same plant on 6 / 24 the tentent is a 4x4 and I may have to move the others into the 2nd tent if it keeps sucking up all the room


do you remember how long you left your is flowering stage before budding? I know they’re several factors, just wanted to get your input.


@Swiss I just look at it 1st 3 months growth, 2nd the next 1 3/4 months flowering and forming colas 3rd the last 1 1/4 months or so budding up starts until time for harvest. Hope this helps


@Countryboyjvd1971 @TDubWilly @highcountrygal this will be my last grow for awhile so I am not trying to spend more than i already have on this hobby. Any advice on how to make my grow room cooler on a budget? right now its sitting around mid to high 70’s and that with a fan in there and a miniature fan, maybe another fan? also i’ll be taking out a plant soon so that might reduce the heat? I’m just want to see some of those purple buds if it’s capable. Right now i’m at the 9th week of budding stage. Any advice be app thanks


@Swiss with out actually using ac I doubt youd be able to get the room cool enough to see the colors youd need to get it below 70 in the mid to low sixties or colder