Gsce autoflowers 18 day pre flowers?

Is it normal for my 18 day old plants to be showing pre flowers already?

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I’m not seeing them in the pic that loaded but, yes, with autoflowers, they do what they want.

I can’t see the pistols but I can make out a little lady part to the left side of main stalk.

And yep, pretty common to fir autos to show sex pretty much immediately in some cases

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Dead center @BobbyDigital :grin:

Not seeing any signs of flower there either.


What is this part of the cannibus anatomy called?

Still to early to be sure.

Looks like new growth. I haven’t experienced calyces that large without throwing pistils. Have experienced plants growing a “third leg” like that.

Can you give us a picture of that pre-flower up close.

Does it have white hairs coming out it and we just can’t see them in the picture?

Yes white hairs coming out everywhere

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That’s just her showing she’s a female. Not in flower yet or haven’t seen the signs

Happy growing

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Thanks man I was a little worried so early. But I’m honestly here in person seeing a few pistils it looks like. Definite white hairs! And when do photos usually start showing their sex?

Depends on strain some in 5 weeks others longer. I had 1 went 8 weeks

Thanks bro. I have a mk og here and it’s steering out big time since I topped. Just worried it’s a male considering it’s rapid growth but the little things under the nodes are crossing and they say that’s a good sign she’s a female.

Nice and healthy. They take awhile setting up roots

Thanks man

Yep I know. That is the way they show sex is by growing a pre-flower.

Never said it was.

Notice “pre-flower”.

The OP ask was it showing pre-flower and if its got 2 pistols coming out to show sex then the answer is yes! It is a pre-flower is it not?

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They can be in veg and still show sex without hitting pre flower. From my understanding once they are mature enough they will show sex. My ladies were in veg until I knew sex and than flipped them.

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You are correct just cause it is showing sex doesn’t mean it’s flowering…

But the calyx is literally a pre-flower. A “full flower” is just simply multiple calyx stacked up hopefully really tight :rofl:

But I’ve always thought of it as soon as it shows sex it’s starting it’s transition to flowering. And the entire transitional process is “pre-flower”, the stage between veg and flower and of course there is overlap…

Bobby was unsure if it was a calyx or not and I was confident it was. By the OP confirming it has pistols that we just couldn’t see (as I suspected was the case).
Validates my assessment to be accurate and true…

But all good my freind, I just didn’t want the guy to be confused so hope that clears things up :grin:

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Was it regular seeds or feminized seeds?

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