GSCE autoflower

I am in week 9 of my GSCE auto and it’s budding good but as of 3 days ago it started having issues with branches turning purple. I started using cal mag last night with straight filtered water with ph level of 6.4. I am using general organics bloom and started using general organics bio bud about 2 weeks ago with the bloom nutes. I am not sure what else to do. I was told to use just my well water instead of using my pur filter so my nutrients actually absorb.


I have an unknown strain in a tent now with purple stems and have had them before too with other strains & no problems with them or their quality of bud.

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Ok thanks, I am going to comitue flushing for 2 more days before doing nutes again. its my first indoor grow and I just want to be careful is all. Anything else you might be able to tell from the photos I might be doing wrong?

Not much to tell from that pic, but when those buds start stacking up those stems, you’ll smile! Don’t worry about the purple, I see it all the time and don’t see any damage.
And, WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Lots of knowledgeable folks here.


Replace cal mag with mag sulfer in later stages of flowering. Bigger denser better buds different names depending what brand you use. But its gunna be your sweet. Or your bud candy


Thank you everyone it seems healthy for the most part just hope its a good harvest. It’s actually my first indoor grow so no dead plants would be a bonus :joy:

Don’t worry about purple stems… it just happens, genetics mainly