GSCE Auto questions

Hi all, I haven’t tried autoflowers yet but want to try them outside this summer. What can I do to increase yield to an autoflower? Nutrient dos or don’ts?

I know they require different training and care and I don’t want to screw anything up.

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Just kinda have to watch autos closer. Their timing makes it so they do not have a lot of recovery time. Gotta be pretty quick with any remedies.

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Start with good genetics, give them everything they need and don’t stress them out…The worst part about autos is that they’re the boss, your control is limited


Look up old truck fertilizer and hit each of your pots or rough space in a bed with 16 tablespoons each plant to start them with good stuff, from there it depends how hands on you wanna be with liquid fertilizers or additives like mr fulvic

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Is any pruning possible?

That’s a personal preference in an outdoor space light hits at more angles depending where you plant them but you can always remove useless leaves

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Very good info! Thanks!