GSCE Auto flower first grow journal

Hello my fellow Green thumbers. So I’m starting a grow using Girl scout cookies extreme auto flower strain that I got from my favorite seed bank ILGM. Ill be using fox farm soils and the fox farm dirty dozen nutrients. I havent received my new led light so ill be using two 600w hps mh ipower lights for now.
Cant wait for this bad boy to get here.

So I soaked 6 seeds for 24 hours and put them in moist paper towels for around 6hrs. All six germinated with good root(6 out of 6 great product ILGM) I put them in fox farm seed starter about an 1/2 inch deep using 4×4 starter cups. Plants are 4 days old in these pics.
My space is a 4x8x8 with reflective walls on three sides well ventilated
Water is 6.5 ph temps are a constant 72° and humidity is 56% i have an exhale co2 bag not sure if it helps or a waist of money.
Ill be updating this post next Friday 10/23


looks like a good start to me.

Looks great tag me in I’ll be following

Thanks I could use any good advice yall might have along the way :+1:

I’m growing the same thing right now as well and also on my first grow.
It will be fun to tag along and see how you do.
Good luck man!

1 600w my should be fine for now turned half down. Waste of money on electricity

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Man @HornHead I haven’t seen you around much lately. Nice to see ya buddy hope all is well surely your slaving away the hours. I like the name screen name Frank, very funny! Right on track with the girls and that’s a wicked light congrats. When you transplants bury all that stem which is from light stretch very common and easily fixed. Go get em and welcome to the site.

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Hey y’all week 2 everything is going great. I’m watering about every three days. Every other water they are getting 1/2 tea spoon to a quart water of fox farm big bloom. Ill be transplanting to three gallon pots soon. Ph is good humidity is 56 and temp is 72


Looking good!

Hey yall week 3 has come. So during the week I transplanted to 3 gallon pots. The first couple days the bottom leaves on a couple started to turn yellow and I started freaking out. Started thinking nutrient deficiency. Soil to hot. Over watered. And after just sitting back and letting them do there thing. They look great. A lil stretch but not bad. I mixed 2to1 ocean forest with fox farm seed starter. I watered them with well water ph at 6.6when I transplanted. They haven’t needed water sense. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get these autos to get huge fast lol