GSC Stunted and Sad


Soils: Happy Frog.

PH: 6-6.5

Temp: 75

Humidity: 50%

Lights: 18/6

Nutrients: Couple of waterings with Fox Farm Grow Big but not on a steady schedule.

Age: 9 Weeks

This is my second grow. The first was GG#4, this one is GSC, but they look exactly the same. Small, stunted, dark green leaves. This is not suppose to be autoflower but are those buds everywhere?

After the GG, I thought maybe the soil was too hot with nitrogen so I flushed it so the PPM was around 300 before planting but got same result.

I also have a Durban that was started at the same time, same soil, same everything but it looks great.

The main difference is this… the indicas were topped to eight colas (3 toppings) - the Durban was topped at a later stage and only once.

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Not an expert, but it looks like classic nitrogen toxicity.
Also FAP is autoflower so topping them is risky if they decide to flower at 3 weeks which many do.
How close are your lights?
What lights are you using?

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Definitely too much nitrogen especially in flower.

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If you are using fox farms you should be using the trio. Grow big tiger bloom and big.bloom. or whatever the last one is. When switching the flower basically you tone it down on the nitrogen. Yes the plant still needs it but not as much you’ll be wanting to use your blooms and your sweets. Flush it and stick to the fox farms schedule and you’ll be able to finish it out with something.

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looks strange…

do you grow in a lightproof tent?


Yeah exactly my first thoughts, strange throwing single leafs.

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Is that pencils stuck in the dirt. Possibly giving the plants lead poison lol. Never seen pencils shoved in the dirt before lol.


Pencils use graphite now not lead. But probably not good for them still. All I know it its all sorts of boojie

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I missed that !

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Nitrogen toxicity, revenging ,over watering, topping all this


Thank you everyone.

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I just harvested some ilgm girl scout cookies. It’s on week two of cure. I pressed some into flower rosin. I kid you not, it wipes you out, in a good way. Mine were minuscule at harvest, averaging about 35 grams per plant. Very rosinny, if that’s a word. Smells incredibly sweet in the jar. Can’t wait to sample some. Very nice little plants, though.girlscoutcookies2