GSC Extreme Rookie First Grow

Hello all! I’ve been reading so much information, my brain hurts. So much info!

I’m a chef by trade and I believe in keeping things as simple as possible.

After deciding to try my first grow, I said I would keep it as possible.

I bought a Vivosun tent kit. It came with everything. 2’x2’x4’ tent, light, vent, glasses, clippers, and some accessories.

I started out by getting the GSC Auto Extreme seeds from ILGM. I started them in starter pads in a cut water bottle, and kept them in an old casserole dish with a reptile heat mat, and an old light from an aquarium I used to have. The seeds sprouted in no time. Maybe a few days.

It worked very well! The only thing I bought was the small reptile heat mat. Had the rest on hand.

I then transplanted into 5 gallon buckets once they were about 2" tall.

The buckets are set up with empty water bottles with holes at the bottom and top, then a watering pipe down the side. Then filled with Miracle-Gro potting soil.

I watered lightly from the top for the first week, with some in the bottom to keep the soil moist. Then watered via the pipe to water from bottom up. The buckets have a hole drilled into them about 3" up for overflow. The bottles act as small reservoirs.

The fan/exhaust runs 24/7 to maintain a somewhat consistent environment.

I use a SwitchBot temp/humidity tracker. It’s bluetooth and takes several readings and sends them to the app. You can track hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly. It was really cheap and I think a great investment.

Yesterday was about 16 days since breaking out of the soil. I started with two seeds. One didn’t sprout. So one plant is a week ahead of the other. Both seem to be doing good so far.

I’m just using a little Superthrive and liquid Miracle-Gro, and the soil has fertilizer in it.

I’m growing in a rather cold basement room so I have an automatic heater that kicks on to maintain temps. Humidity stays pretty consistent.

Small swings from day to night. Running the light 18/6. The exhaust fan 24/7.

The only concern I have right now is when the plants get taller, where do I put the light? It seems that I’ll run out of vertical room to raise it.

First post here. Hopefully its in the right spot and the pictures are good.

I enjoy reading and seeing others grow projects!


Welcome to the community. Yes it is a concern of many growers, where do I put the light. You can train your plants ie;; top, lst training. There are many more experienced growers than myself that could answer questions. Ask any question and I am sure than someone can help you. happy growing check the grow bible associated with this site :rofl: :bat:


Welcome to the site and nice detail on your first post. If your worried about the height of the plant you can start to LST (low stress train) them when they start to get a little bigger. I do have a couple concerns. The soil you are using is not great for cannabis. The time release nutrients don’t play nice with these plants. It is recommended that MG not be used. MG likes to hold moisture and it looks like you soil is wet. Cannabis does not like wet feet (roots) and this will cause issues. I’d also recommend putting drain holes on the bottom of the bucket and more on the sides to allow air into the roots.


I agree 100% with @Bubblehead ! Your in good hands :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand: And welcome to the best place you can possibly be!


@CCXIX I did low stress training and it worked wonders in my limited space. I have fabric pots and used yarn and safety pins to pull down the tall growth and make a more uniform canopy. Now I have a lot more potential bud sites.


Thanks for the couple pointers.

I have a couple of soil testers on the way for ph and moisture.

I do like the idea of some extra holes for the soil to breath. I was kind of thinking about doing it, but needed the extra little push. Thank you! I went added holes all around. Easy adjustment.

The MG soil is what I had on hand. I did read mixed thoughts on soil from various sources. I decided to go for it. It looks a little moist in the first pics above, but I had just sprayed a little water. Otherwise it’s a great consistency. I regularly, once a week, poke/stir the soil to keep it from becoming packed and to aerate it. Not too deep so I don’t disturb the roots. It’s not as wet as it looks.

The watering from the bottom with the water bottle reservoirs in the bottom is for the soil to act as a wick. It’s supposed to only take up water as needed. So far it seems to be ok.

I was thinking about LST. I get the idea and process, but need to read a little more so I don’t hurt the plant. Seems simple.

This is my first “controlled indoor grow” of anything. In the summer I maintain a nice garden outside, which has been successful. But outside, it’s a lot easier with vegetables, than inside with a plant that needs a lot more attention.

Trial and error with education and information.

Thanks for the tips!


ordered the switchbot thanks

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Welcome! Best of

It’s been about 3 weeks. Plants look good.

My fan died, or maybe I should say it started to die. It got really loud, sounds like a bearing went bad or something. It’s been 4 days. The manufacturer has been pretty much useless.

I ordered a new one. Upgraded to one that has a digital controller. Should be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I’ve just been leaving the tent about 50% open, 24hrs. It’s actually been pretty steady. More than I expected.

Waiting on some Fox Farms goodies! Going to try the good stuff.

I’ve also been trying some minor LST. I’ve been trying back parts to expose underneath. I’ve been doing different sides for about 7-8 hours at a time. During the middle of the day. Then let reset overnight. I’m liking the results. At least to me, I see a small difference in the exposed areas. Just trying out right now.

No matter what happens, I’m enjoying it. It’s kinda fun looking after the plants.

FYI…The second plant is a week behind the one pictured. It’s doing well.

Looking good. Both look healthy.

Except one is really bushy, and the other one is really thinned out. I’ve done nothing different to either one.

Same seeds, and everything else. Only difference is the thinner one is one week behind.

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