GSC Extreme Autos This Summer!

Hey everybody! Picked up 5 seeds and am gonna be putting them in the ground in a week or so. So excited to grow these puppies. I’m going to try to use my own homemade compost to supply most of the nutrients (I sterilized it with steaming water and neem oil) and feed the plants light nutrient doses. I’m also going to low stress train the plants to try to maximize yield. I may fim one plant for experimental purposes but definitely am going to avoid topping. Also my concern is the high humidity levels we get here in the summer. Hopefully I don’t encounter bud rot! Anyways, I’ll keep y’all posted!


Good to see you around again, and good luck with these!

Def looking forward to your grow. I’m doing the same strain and will be interested in the comparisons

Likewise! How far along are you with the gsc right now? Definitely let me know your yields.

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I’m about 50 days in. This is my first grow and I’ve made some mistakes along the way but I’ll be sure to let you know what I end up with.