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I need help and sorry I don’t know how to post yet. My plants have stopped growing. Leaves are getting dark green. Growing in fox farm soil and I think I gave them nutrients to early Processing: 335060A6-23A8-41BF-8A9A-E7B94B028D4F.jpeg…
Processing: 5C8CCBEC-C818-4A64-8E51-C51515EE6E8B.jpeg…
Processing: 07D2AB06-2B8D-46CA-BED0-B8A7AF2377C6.jpeg…
Processing: 0163B1DE-3B17-4A28-9FA1-ACACB029890F.jpeg…

@Chriscrappie1234 no offense my man, I posted this because this is my first grow ever. If u wanna ask questions about ur plants, please feel free to start your own thread

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Sorry sir. I’m new like you and I don’t know how to make a post. Can you give me advice on how to do that I didn’t mean to just jump in like that. I’m a first time grower and need help

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@Chriscrappie1234 it’s cool bro. Wasn’t trying to bite ur head, it’s just easy for these posts to suddenly get flooded with a million questions and pics from other people, and now the people following don’t even know when I’m posting in my own thread, and then u get stuck asking questions nobody answers.

@Chriscrappie1234 What do u have for a setup? What kinda seeds are u growing? Are u posting from ur phone or on a laptop? I use my phone. Whenever I want to post pics, I just hit the reply button, and at the bottom there’s two buttons in the right corner and one in the left. The left says reply in blue or save edit if ur editing ur comment, the other buttons, on the right, looks like a tv on the far right and a little picture frame icon. Click the picture frame icon, and it will load up all the pics u have in ur phone, or it will show u a camera icon if u don’t have any pics and allow u to take pics right there to post.

@Chriscrappie1234 also, u said ur in fox farm soil, same as me. Well I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest. That soil has enough nutriets in it already to get u through a full month to five weeks. U don’t have to use any nutrients until u hit that fifth week. How long have u had ur plant going? It could be an easy fix. U may just need to flush it. Are u using Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Fox Farm Happy Frog?

@Chriscrappie1234 this is what I meant about two buttons at the bottom right when u click reply, and the reply in blue in the bottom left. Don’t click the tv looking button to the far right, click the framed pic icon to the left of the tv looking button. This is hard to describe for some reason :joy:

Thanks a lot.

I’m running 5 autoflower seeds in 5 gallon smart pots

Mars hydro tsw2000 in Vivosun tent

Fox farm ocean forest

We’re you able to see my pics ?

They were doing great until I followed this YouTube feeding schedule that suggested me to feed when they have 6 leaves they have been the same height for 5 days I believe they are overloaded with nutes

One the leaves are getting real dark and the top node is pocking out but the Leaves are dry and not growing

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No, ur pics never fully loaded, it says still processing in ur comment. Try uploading the pics again. It can take a while on ur phone, might take a few minutes to fully upload em. Ur using the same soil as I am tho, if ur just starting out, u def do not need to use any nutrients yet. Ur good for a whole 4-5 weeks. Then u can start feeding her. Even then tho, I was told, u don’t have to start using nutrients just cuz it hit week 5, don’t use any nutrients until u start seeing signs that they’re needed. Do u have a pH meter? TDS meters? I’m in a Mars Hydro tent with a TS 1000 LED light, haven’t used any nutrients at all besides what is already in the soil. I’ve been pH’ing my water to 6.5-6.6

@Chriscrappie1234 try to reload the pictures. I try clicking on them to look, but even then, nothing loads up.

I made a post so I don’t flood yours but here are pics


It’s cool bro, like I said, I didn’t mean to seem like a dick, I’m as new to growing as u are, I don’t wanna get lost in my own grow journal was all I was trying to avoid :joy: u can actually search for that on this site and find the answers. I just looked it up, u can search “too much nutrients added to my plant.” There’s a thread about it here somewhere. One point of advice I can give u is, use only a portion of what the bottle or any feeding schedule is telling u to use. If it says use 1 teaspoon, add a quarter teaspoon instead, if it says 3 teaspoons, use only one teaspoon or 3/4 teaspoon of u want to be exact. Make sure u mix them in the correct order also or it will create a lockout and ur plants will gain nothing from the nutes ur adding.

She starting to grow and looking good.

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@kellydans thank u. I removed my makeshift LST zip ties, I’m wondering if I should prune this beautiful young lady finally. Those two big fan leaves I moved for a day are covering two sites. Or should I just pluck em?

I believe she took the fimming well. This plant, I’m telling u, she really is a soldier. I’m gonna feel bad when it’s time to chop her…a little :joy:

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Personally, I would tuck the 2 big fan leafs. She looks great, don’t want to do anything to slow her down.

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That’s kind of exactly what I did, but I got nervous I might mess up the leaves or the ones underneath, I’m so new still :joy: so u think I should do what I did the other day with the zip ties again? I gotta go get some garden wire

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take your hand and gently tuck them down under and over a couple days the light will draw them back up you may need to tuck several times. :+1:

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Thank u @kellydans u are my Obi Wan Kenobi

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@kellydans this good?

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Yes , side branches Will now catch up in growth after the FIM or top and make A nice even canopy. Tuck looks good.

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