GSC Extreme Auto Harvest?

Hello, 1st time grower here. I’m growing 2 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme autos. I bought the seeds from ILGM.
Used FoxFarm Happy Frog soil in 3 gal pots.
Used FoxFarm trio nutes & calmag at 2/3 recommended dosages twice a week with 6.2-6.7 ph water. In between feeding I watered with 6.2-6.7 water & 1.5 tsp of molasses.
Used inlet & outlet ventilation fans with carbon filter in small Vivosun 30x30x64 tent & maintained temps between 70-80f.
Lights at 18/6 schedule.
I’m currently at 11 Wks since they sprouted out of the soil. I started in solo cups & transplanted which I read later on that autos should not be transplanted they should be planted forever pots after germination. For this I think I’m behind schedule.
Ive been flushing for 2 Wks. Fan leaves are yellowing nicely & some sugar leaves near the top are drying, curling & falling off. I think these sugar leaves are falling off because the plants grew too tall to the light that I cannot move any higher. The pistils are about 80% brown & the tricomes are really cloudy with some a little lighter near the bottom. Top of the plants has about 10% amber tricomes.
Your thoughts? Should I harvest now?

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IMO if you could wait about a week or two you would be better off still a lot of white pistils. Keep checking the trichomes

Thank you for your opinion.
I was worried the top colas & buds would dry out because the sugar leaves have turned crispy.
Like you said I have some white pistils yet.
Thanks again.

It will leaves that dry. The top buds will continue to mature. If the top buds are ready before the bottom buds you can stagger your harvest.

Thanks for the input.
Are you saying it’s ok for the leaves to be that dry & the buds will still be ok? I was worried about making the buds dry.
I still PH water when needed. At this stage they are not consuming much water.

Tonight was moved the light over a few inches so it’s not directly over the top colas. The plants grew to close to the light which I cannot move any closer.