Gsc auto week 7

So I’m currently on week 7 overall on my gsc auto . I’m having some issues with the soil ph running at 5.4 . I added dolomite lime a couple of days ago but I done a flush last night and it’s still reading 5.5 . I’m growing in ff happy frog and using ilgm nutes . I need some help bc I feel like growth has slowed way down and haven’t seen much happen in a couple of weeks

It will be little bit before you see lime start to help soil. How much did you put in? Also wondering what the ph of water you used to flush was, how much you put through pots, and how big the pots are?

If you were flushing to raise ph, you would generally set ph of water you are flushing with a little higher than target, then keep running it through pots until ph was close to desired.

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I put 2 tbs. In the soil less than a week ago . And I haven’t flushed yet but I’ve been ph my water to 6.5 or so . I’m growing in 5 gallon pots but there is prob only 4 gallon of soil and I’ve been giving her a gallon of either nut solution or just ph water . When I fed her lastnught I raised my ph up to 7 and the runoff came out to 5.8 which is better . I was wanting to hold off on the flush and only do that unless absolute necessary. I was kinda hoping that the lime will raise it . I’ll let it go another week to see if the lime helps . If not I’ll flysh with higher ph water until I get my desired level. I’m getting a Lil freaked out bc uts week 7 and not to many more weeks to go until harvest and I need those big colas if ya know what I mean


You’re doing fine…

Put a few more tablespoons of lime in. Good rule of thumb is 1 tbsp per gallon. Then gently mix into top layer of soil. For your next watering, prep yourself about 5 gallons of water ph’d to about 6.8 per pot. Then slowly pour the entire 5 gallons through each pot. If you can collect last little bit of runoff I bet it will be over 6.

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Cool man I greatly appreciate the advice

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