GSC auto run #1


Here we have a Girl Scout Cookie auto in a 7 gallon cloth pot in promix with advanced nutrients line. She is on day 34 today. I’ll throw some pictures throughout her life so far. She has only been lst’d and the lowest of each nodes were cleaned up to focus her energy on the top sites. She’s under 2 300w mezihi led’s in a 3x3 tent. She is currently under 20/4.


man,i love GSC… it sure does my body good!! @Dieselgrower


Yes it does. I’ve had the platinum gsc before and I’m still drooling haha. So the gsc can’t be that bad


Day 35; she is coming along great. She has filled the pot out nicley.


Day 38: she is growin good and can’t wait to watch her fill out. She got a couple fans bwnt and tucked back today and she may get another trim once she gets a little further along.


Day 40: today she got a good watering. Man I can’t believe how big this auto has gotten and how full it is. She’s trying to take over the tent.


She’s doing really good. Nice!


Thank you. She exploded with growth over the last week and a half


i grew a gsc auto from fast bds that was so awesome i had to buy more!
looking good @Dieselgrower


That’s who it is. I’ve got 2 more and I think next time she might get some training


you have tried it before right? it is great,i cannot quit thinking about having more! lol


I’ve had platinum gsc before


I’m plannin to try out some mephisto beans next time I can affird to haha


i hear ya! i have two bean orders out now…
one is on the way back and one is in limbo…i hate


Yeah I know the feelin


that empty,low down,waitin’on my seeds blues!


Haha. I’ve got some reg packs my buddy sent me of some growbotnic genetics.


Day 43; she got a light drink of water today and will get a full one in the next day or so. She still doesn’t have very much of a smell to her, but I’m sure that will soon change haha. She has some purple on her main stem and hope she carries some color out as she gets more along and matures. @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE


Day 45: she is doin great and turned out to be one big momma. Still can’t believe the size of this auto. She’s looking to be my biggest producing auto yet.


looking good @Dieselgrower man i :heartbeat: that stuff!