GSC Auto my free seeds from BOTM

Dropped in water 3/29. Popped tails on 4/2 put in Miracle grow 4/3. Popped out of soil on 4/6.
Here they are on 4/11. On their way to beautiful.


I would get those out of the Miracle Grow as soon as you can. You’ll nuke your plants with nutes (seedlings need zero nutes) and submarine your pH every time you water.

Go with Roots Organics, Black Magic, or a Fox Farm product. They are all buffered for cannabis.

Congrats on BOTM!



I wouldn’t move the seedling till they get bigger and miracle grown is just fine, especially if you amend it right, but it’s always good to get advice but learn your lessons the way you want, get your style of growing, I started in miracle grow and had amazing results, no different when I grow ed in fox farm, just learn yo read the plants and give them what they might be missing, good job!!!


You do what you want, but be aware that we get at least one grower a week on here that starts in Miracle Grow and is asking for help with nute burn or pH issues. Some people get away with it, but I wouldn’t recommend it for cannabis at all. MG isn’t buffered for cannabis and it usually doesn’t work out well. The soils I recommended are buffered for cannabis.

You can search on MG here to read of others’ experiences.


@Ryansway @FlxerPower

Ok, my bad. I said i have them in Miracle Grow. I would have given the same advice. That shit is HOT!!!
They are actually in Miracle Grow Starter soil. I have been using Miracle grow Starter soil for over 3 years and have had great success. Sorry for the misleading information.

When i am ready to go to the final pot i use Fox Farm Happy Frog.

This is the Gorilla Glue grow i won BOTM with.

This is the picture that won.


Nice bud, bud lol

Good link I’ll have to read that journal. I’m growing some gg in hydro.

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Beautiful gfduke.thats 5star bud.

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So here we are at Girl Scout Cookies 40 days since sprout. I’m not sure why i don’t have any pre flowering going on i feel like these are taking a long time.
2nd photo showing the signs of my ph being out of whack low, because my ph pen died and it took forever to get one. Fighting like mad to get it back up.

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7 weeks and still not flowering. Definately not Auto Flowers. :frowning:

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Still could be. I’ve had some take much longer than that to flower.


Week 12 GSC Coming along good now.


Week 14. Buds are getting fat and heavy. Tops are so heavy i had to tie them up on one plant. The other seems to be strong enough to hold. Water to run off for the first time in 2 weeks. ph 6.6 on both. ppms were 700 on the on on the right 450 on the one on the left. Fed them both with 1400ppm. Used 1 tsp Bergmans bloom booster, 1tsp Bergmans Flowering ferts and a tsp of Mammoth p in 1 gal each. Just and experiment. Hope it works. I just wanted to get the ppms up, up up. lol, run off after watering on each each around 1300 and ph was still 6.6. Fingers crossed.


Week 16

ILGM does have the best seeds!!! Thank you @latewood for all of your help!!! You’re the best!!
Some tricome pics. And some really nice bud.

Mostly cloudy. No amber yet. Another week of just plain water after a flush and they should be good.
We will see. The best of plans can get changed quick in this game.

Looks awesome Bro

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