Gsc auto and Gorrilla glue auto

So I’ve been growing gorilla glue and GSC all auto I’m in day 70 with no signs of flower still in veg.
While in the mean time my Bruce Banner is flowering like crazy as the Bruce Banner was planted 3 weeks after GSC, and Gorilla.
To me seems like the gsc and gorilla could possibly not be auto. As they are still in veg and growing.

Anyone else have any input on these strains?
Conditions are great, no stress on plants.

Do you have a couple pics maybe? I’ve had two GSC autos that flowered at about 5 weeks, and another that just threw her first pistils out today at 29 days. She’s little bitty also. Doesn’t even have 5 pointers yet.

Hey so it sounds like u got the auto mix pack. GSCX Bruce Banner and GG ? If u did I did to and first timer. I thought maybe I messed something up because all have been treated the same way. Just 8 weeks from sprout others day and I have 2 that are flower flower and the other one gotten taller but not flowering like the other 2. When I asked this question my general response is autos are autos and are going to do what ever they want. I know I messed something up but just rolling with it. Not really answer but your not alone good luck

This is a an uninformed response that has been given by amateur growers that don’t understand genetics, I’m sorry you were miss informed but I’ll try and give a bit more information @Kingkupa while I respond to @Quagmire.

@Quagmire who was the breeder?

Autos are complex and understood by a much smaller portion of the population because quality auto genetics is a fairly new thing, autos themselves arnt new but the breeder programs to get potent autos is newer.
Autos also take more work to breed because they have to be stablized in order to effectively hold just enough of that auto genetic to auto flip yet still have all the traits we want from the two THC based parents. This is not the case with photos and photo genes can be crossed stable or not stable you’ll still grow a normal plant it just might not be as potent, stable, smelly, or vigorous as it would have been under a proper breeding program. Pretty much anyone can breed photo seeds. One male one female, thousands of seeds that are fine.

Even big name breeders who sell auto seeds push products out the door before they are ready.
Unfortunately ilgm has a habit of this with some autos, not all but some.
Sticking with trsuted auto breeders is a good rule of thumb and then exploring what’s out there and learning about who’s who is advised.
Fastbuds are strictly auto breeders
Mephisto is strickly auto breeders
Dinafem is a known reliable breeder in autos
Dutch passion is known for solid auto genetics
Growers choice is another option
Heavy weight seeds is a unique breeder that sells skme crazy autos to.

Others but those are solid choices to start with.
Also just a side note never buy from Pacific seeds! They sell fake genetics and their autos also don’t flip.

As an avid auto grower my personal rule is if one seed doesn’t auto flip I will never buy an auto from that breeder again because that tells you they didn’t dedicate enough quality control in their breeding program to ensure that would not happen.


I’ve never had a auto seed not flip sometimes they take 3-4 weeks more and sometimes because they’re slow starters like my current orange bud or they’re bred for size(XL autos tend to veg longer)

It happens.
I’ve grown autos outdoors that grew 7 1/2 feet and didn’t flower after 3 months…

Breeder was ilgm. And they look more like trees than Charlie brown Christmas trees.

Yeah ilgm does good photos I hear but their autos are meh

Yeah I bought their mix pack out of 5 seeds so far 1 is auto. Sucks

More often then not they will be fine but they have ones that don’t flip and that probability is just a hassle no one wants to deal with that.