Grubby bastard 2021

I thought I was getting some rot from rain but found this guy in the bud.should I cut off the affected buds or bring down the whole plant?

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Chop the effected buds, look for more they are there. Get Captain Jacks put it on stream spray directly into the buds. Soak the hell out of them, repeat in a few days then keep a very close eye on them. Had it happen to me last year. KILLED them dead!!


ok thanks

were you able to smoke it after captain jack application?

Yes it is harmless. I do a bud wash at harvest anyway.

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I use capt Jacks but i feel like it must not be that great or I wouldn’t be applying it constantly :man_shrugging:

Do not know, I use it through the grow as an insurance, no bugs if used weekly.

ok.thank you!