Growth stopped after topping

I am a newbie and on my first time growing. I had two plants that I wanted to top, and I saw a video on YouTube that says to cut the stem above three sets of leaves. I did so and both of the plants have either not grown at all or grown just a very small small amount. Did I do something wrong??

Time. The plant needs time to recover. That’s why some don’t recommend topping autos because time is not on your side. They do what they do in the time that they do it. Nothing you do will change that.

You didn’t say how long ago it was that you topped them. Give then a few weeks and you won’t recognize them. Just my opinion.

Thank you. They were topped on June 16, and both seeds are photo.

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The pictures are kinda blurry but the top photo it looks like that plant is well into flower…:sweat:….second photo looks like it’s just starting flower…can’t tell tho but if you topped either of em now and they are in either stage that I think they appear to be then you may have severely stunted them. Root growth is still happening but you might have changed their priorities :man_shrugging:t2: Need better pictures to better help you


Those are the best pictures I have. The first one that is definitely flowering is maybe 6 inches tall and it was planted on May 14. I topped the plants on June 16. The second one is a little bit larger but it isn’t very very early flowering stage. Thanks for your response…

I agree with @grizZz. The top pic looks like an auto that is in full bloom, but the pic makes it hard too tell. I’ve gotten seed from many dependable seed banks that wound up having ruderalis genetics when it was supposed to be a photo and vice versa. It happens. That may be the case in the top pic if it looks accurate. Grizz would be absolutely correct in that it was too late to top. I’m curious what you’re using for a medium and how wet its staying? You appear to have some nutrient deficiencies that could be caused by several different things including overly hydrated soil. That all by itself will stunt your plants significantly without topping them too late.

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I’ve seen plants pause visible growth for a few days after a topping, but never longer than a couple of days.

I could be wrong, but that 1st pic looks like an auto to me. Autos can be twitchy and generally don’t like any form of training.

The other plant looks pretty healthy.

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I don’t see any drain holes in those buckets.
Not really related to your issues but its something you could fix for the next grow.
Perhaps they are on the bottom.
I find drain holes on the side right near the bottom work better. What sometimes happens when they are on the bottom the water drains super slow as it has to actually drain into the ground and if the soil is already wet that could take a real long time.

Yes good point. The smallest plant has six holes in the bottom and the second plant has holes in the bottom and the sides as well. They do drain, because I did a flush a couple of weeks ago. Thank you

This is my first try so I’m just using soil from a bag. Fox farm is hard to find around here. In the last couple of weeks we’ve had a great deal of rain here so I have not had to water them in sometime. Thank you


Start watching for roots growing through your drain holes…you’ll know then to either transplant them or to start dealing with more problems. Might wanna consider just diggin a hole right where they’re at and put em in the ground :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2:

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That was going to be my next question as well. I’d transplant them into 7 gal fabric pots or something with similar drainage and airflow. Or even better, like Grizz said again, dig holes right there, put your soil mixture in the hole and let it go. But, if you’re soil there has no natural drainage and you get lots of rain, that may not be as ideal as it sounds. Honestly, from what i see and what you’ve said, it sounds like you have issues with the soil staying far too wet for too long. Better pots with better airflow, and new soil to encourage new route growth will be your best bet. At the very least take a drill and put a ton of holes on the sides of the buckets.

Cool ok so I can transplant. Thanks!

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