Growth stoppage

King Tut sprouted 4 days ago, then that was it. It’s day 5 and she still looks the same. She’s still green, however I checked the run off of the soil and the PH of the run off is 5.0.

Is the low soil PH the reason of the stoppage? I am running a feeding PH of 6.5. How do I raise the soil PH? I’m running a feeding of 6.5 as of now.

sup dude, i heard there was no need to feed until the plant is 2-4 weeks old, only water or pH’d water.
maybe ur low ph is due to the plant not eating the nut ur giving her.
im not a pro, u could do a flush wait until top layer is dry enough then water again

Thanks! Here’s a pic of her sisters. They have taken off within the past two days. I didn know the things can grow this fast. I had to raise the lighting. Shes just being stubbornly frozen! Lol she better get with the program! Always a problem child in the group!

Also, im growing in a 3x4 closet under 3 150watts cfl’s. I thought maybe the closet is too warm but it’s registerin 75-78 degrees. The lights not giving off much heat. I placed a pot of water in there and cracked the door 1/4 inch. There is a fan in there. How do you regulate the heat or fresh air in a closet?

Here’s another pic of her other sister. A big difference.

i’m having same issue as u, growing in a closet, i use led lights but its only a 163w full spectrum, should receive my new platinum led p300 next week or so.temp room is 18-22°C,
i just leave the door open when its daytime, and when its darktime close the door, when i’m the the room otherwise the door is always open for fresh air.
ur temp seems good
I’m growing indoor because its winter now so i don’t the heat problem.
did u gave nut as well for your other plants ? they r still too young for nute i think.
what kind of soil did u use ?