Growth spurt on the plants


So, In my other post (Update of my Feminized Auto Blueberries) I mentioned that I planted 3 New plants. 1 Fem Blueberry, & 2Fem White Widow.
I started them indoors till they where about 8" tall, Then I put them outside.
I have them surrounded by weeds ( Not pot weeds, The amnoying kinds that take over your yard) so you can’t see the pot plants unless you know what your looking for…
So the other day I went in there to water the plants, and deffenitly was NOT expecting to see what I saw!! my One plant is about 2foor tall and starting to get bushy, The other one is 4foot tall, stalky & getting its leaves.
The last plant is doing alright, Its about a foot and a half tall doing what it needs to do!


Didn’t see a question in there am assuming all is well and you just wanted to share your happy plants that are getting big. :+1:


Yeah, thats what happens outdoor after a few sunny days…
Sometimes I go see my plants in the woods after a few days and its just like wow, what happened !!!
They grow like a weed :wink:


Hence the name “Weed” lol… & @Jmesser80, I didn’t have a question just sharing that my girls are growing up!!! lol


I do have a question though!
This is my FIRST time with an outdoor grow. The plants have been doing well, Except the one white widow… ( I had 2 incidents because I was using a 4’ by 2’ piece of plywood to block the view of the view from my nosy neighbor. The piece of plywood got blown over onto the plant. IT luckly the stem didn’t get snapped, It just got bent over. So I tried standing the plant up, but it wouldn’t stand back up, so I put a stick in there to hold it up.
My dumbass self put the board right back up & It did it again. But the plant now healthy).
But my question is… I went out to check them that past 3days, & there are these Black & green looking bugs on them. There aren’t that many bugs on them, Maybe 1-3 on each plant.
& the plants to have little spots on the leaves now. (I’ll post pictures when I can tomorrow). But I got all the bugs off the plants (tops & underside if the leaves). Now I was told to spray a mixture of dish soap & water on the plants to keep them cock-suckers off my plants) The mixture was maybe a small spoon of dish soap mixed with water. ( the person who told me this, has been growing off and on for most of her life). So I mixed it up so there weren’t any bubbles, & went off to spray my plants. ( I did this today, 6/19/17). So I was wondering Is It Okay to do what I did with the dish soap mixture? & how else do I keep em off my plants?


@Drewdown1992 I don’t know if it is safe to do that or not, but maybe you might have asked that question before you sprayed them? I’m just saying for future reference that I have seen guys blow their grows up because they talked with their friend and … Not that your friend isn’t very knowledgeable it’s just here, there are 10-100 different sets of eyes reading every topic and if someone says something that doesn’t jive right up, we all work it out and onward and upward we go!


Well it’s my mother who told me! LMFAO!! She has been growing off & on for as long as I can remember… My whole family has actually. That’s why I started growing!


Well I would never go against Ma! @Drewdown1992 lol. Too funny. She’s probably right!


I am uploading a picture of the little pest that is on the plant!
And The other picture is of my plant with spots ALL OVER the leaves. & how Can I stop that from happening.


The plant with the spots on the leaves it the plant that is doing the BEST. Well was until the spots


@bob31 This is an article from medical marijuana dot com. (I know outside URLS aren’t allowed)
A spray bottle filled with soapy water using six drops/quart to be sprayed on the bottom of the leaves. This will clog most insects breathing organs and will kill them. Use before you see any insects.
Fatty acid salts or insecticidal soaps are very good against aphids. They apparently work to disrupt insect cell membranes. They require direct contact with the insects and leave no residual effect.
Nervous system insecticides, such as malathion, Dursban (chlorpyrifos), and Orthene (acephate), are labeled for use on many shade trees and ornamental plants for aphid control.


did you go with that spray? Can you take a closeup pic of the leaves with the spots? Also I have no clue what that bug is? What part of the world do you live in? (general area is fine)


I live around the Buffalo/Niagara Falls Ny, area.
I used the spray once so far, But I am going to go out tomorrow & use it again…
The Black & green bug is !@#$ING pissing me off!!! lol… But I keep finding white “leave hopper” bugs on them.
I will also take a close up pic tomorrow also… It is 11:19pm here on 6/24/2017…


These are the close ups of the leaves. Closest i can get.
And these are the other bugs that are in. White leave hoppers


I don’t know what the bugs are but neem oil should get rid of them! Just don’t spray it on buds or bud sites if you are getting close to flowering! @Drewdown1992


Here is an update on my 2white widows and the Blueberryyy… This grow was a succuess so far. I know i made mistakes durring the process but who dont make them? The first 2 pics are buds from the white widow. And the last pic of the Blueberry


The first two pics are of the white widow plants, then the BB. The first pic of the WW. is only 3 foot tall & producing, Ive never seen a plant prodice that small.



When should I harvest? And do i feed them then wait a week or two to harvest so the buds arent water weight.
ANY info on harvest would be appreciated. THIS IS my first successful-ish grow. I know there are 100other things i could of done different and better.


How long have they been in flower? @Drewdown1992

Most need about 8 weeks of flowering before harvest!

Most stop nutrients a week or so before harvest, but not watering. You stop nutrients so you aren’t smoking them!


I do 1 tbsp of molasses to 1 gal water every watering into harvest…
I stop watering aprx. 5 days before harvest…
I would say you got plenty of time…weeks (4-5 maybe ?)