Growth Rate After a Flush

I don’t usually flush but just flushed my girls to correct pH back up above 6.5. I’ve only done it one other time, and when I did that the plants really exploded with growth for a few days after the flush.

Have you had the same experience? I’m just wondering if I can expect a lot of growth this week. Hope so.

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I wish that I could help brother. Maybe in a year or two. I’ve never flushed anything other that the water closet. Sorry brother couldn’t resist. This whole indoor grow thing is new to me. I have heard 3-5 times the pot size per gal. I’ve only been doing this for a short time, I did flush once when I thought that I over fed. Outdoors, I never had this problem.


I’ve seen them explode after a flush when I was using fox farms nutes.
Obviously flushing helps. At least with synthetic nutes.

I’d have to imagine flushing with a lockout condition will help as well.


i have seen some strains respond well to a flush esp where lockout was an issue

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I’m curious about flushing before flowering photos also…

If you use foxfarms I believe they have 3 or 4 scheduled flushes to remove salt buildup. I never used nor care to use foxfarms nutrients. I think they call for 5 teaspoon or tablespoon of one bottle that’s 25ml compared to gh flora trio only calling for 15ml as peak feeding

The girls are indeed looking very happy 2 days after the flush. Reaching for the sky and getting taller. I’ll put this in my log too.

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looking fantastic and i think the flush made them happy.

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Fox Farms calls for 3 flushes.

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I use FF products, but I don’t do the scheduled flushes. The only time I flush is to correct pH or PPM, or a flush before the harvest to rid the soil of most of its nutes. I’ve never used a flushing agent either. Plain old distilled water runs PPMs down pretty quickly on its own.

Ironically, the flushes I’ve done line up pretty well with what FF has in this chart.

I only use Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and some kelp. I don’t mess with the rest of the stuff. Maybe some cal-mag here and there, but I use it pretty sparingly. I use someone else’s microbe product for trace elements. I use it very sparingly too. Can’t remember who makes it. I go much lighter than FF calls for on their schedule. Usually half.

for using bottled nutes you sound about right on the mark… usually going about half of the recommened is the norm but the salts can still build up and im pretty sure thats what you just flushed out and why they are so happy again… i use them very sparingly if needed at all… i try to build everyrhing into my soil so i dont have to mess with them very much if at all… most of the time i dont have to use them at all… top dress in veg then prior to flower and thats usually about all i need… from there on out i just use tepid tap water that sits right at a 7 PH…

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