Growth on my Buds!?

WTF is growing outta the top of my buds? Checked under 40X and it just looks like another bud start’in ta grow! Tain’t never seen this before! Please speak ur mind!


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I dont see anything to worry over do you have closeup pictures of what you think is weird

I “think”, and don’t quote me lol, but I think this is what they call, “fox tailing”. Or they’re called, “dreads” haha

I actually noticed it on one of my buds on a previous grow. Not sure how it’s caused, or why it happens though lol

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Yes, Foxtailing

Do you know why this happens @dumme? Just wondering

In my experience it happens more when too close to lights and/or heat.

…sometimes it’s not a bad thing


Sometimes it’s a genetics issue; weak/undesirable genetics. Sometimes you get a very distorted flower. In that case, I find it best to not clone, and re-sow a new line.

In this case, it’s fine and should smoke with ease.

Thanks @dumme, you’re the man!

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“You Are The MAN!!!” So it’s gonna be OK huh??? I guess I haven’t raised my light in a good while now that I think about it! Oh well…like I said earlier, it’s reeaaallll close ta be’in done! I’m shoot’in fer Saturday but we’ll see. If it’s look’in good, I’m gonna pull the plug on the light Thursday, Friday and most the day Saturday. Then giv’er a real good look-see with the 45X and the 60X . If it’s cool , I’ll commence ta hack’in! If not, I’ll turn the light back on and let’er go till it is done! I read on here some where’s that turning the light back on after a couple 3 straight dark days that it will make ur buds “EXPLODE”!!!

Ur Thoughts???

The bud on the left looks like it actually has a small flower coming outta the top of it! The 1 on the right is bout 1/4" wide , 1/2" tall and “flat” so ta speak!

What do u mean by “sometimes it’s not a bad thing”?

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I’m lost. Who da man?

I believe they said @Dumme is da man.

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Ahhh thanks Way to go @Dumme.

I personally don’t like to stress my plants in flower, in fear of pulling out male traits, but with you close to harvest, it probably won’t matter.

I also don’t think any explosion in growth will happen within the time frame either.