Growth Life Cycle

My question is simple, I will be traveling 9/17 thru 12/17, I will not be here to cut and properly cure my plants.
What will happen if I allow the plants to complete there life cycle in there containers (mid dec. san diego)?


If your talking about placing in jars directly after harvest that’s a high risk for mold

If you’re talking about just leaving them unattended
They’ll die.

Yes unattended with water, what will happend to the buds?
I was thinking they would flower sooner, I have planned my trip to Italy 09/12/17 thru 12/12/17. Should I just scrape the plants, and start over 2018?

So they’re in flower now, and you don’t leave for 7 weeks. Can you harvest right before you leave? I’m not sure how you can monitor the dry and cure, though! Do you have friends who could take 'em; help you out? Offer a portion of the harvest . . . ?

could add some artificial lighting out there, trick them back into veg and see if they last until you return, SD has somewhat mild to warm winters… how they get watered I don’t know…

They will be on drip irrigation, I want to know what the condition of the plant and the flowers, what happens when the plant (buds) completes it’s natural life cycle in there containers?

Cannabis is considered an annual – it completes its life cycle within a year. That being said, I remember a thread where somebody had a plant that had grown for a few years. Let me find it.

I’ve also seen people keep the stalk from a previous harvest, and re-grow. But yours are flowering. The plants will allow leaves to yellow and fall off in order to focus energy to the flowers. The flowers will then deteriorate and die when they’re way past their prime. As @Ron330 said – if you can trick them into going back to vegetative phase? But I don’t think that will be very easy and maybe impossible.

Good luck!