Growth has slowed to almost nothing, does this look normal?

Any ideas why these look so week and narrow?
The growth is very slow and they are not filling out much either.
They have been outside since 06/17/17
Outdoor - In partially covered green house.
Soil - happy frog with extra perlite.
Water - municipal that has been aerated.
PH - 6.5 - 7 - Soil PH
Nutes - Fox Farm 6.4.4 @ 1/4 strength. two feedings since sprouted.
- mixed with water and adjusted ph to 5.5

@dmaelect… I’m not the most experienced poster here but reading your post, I would make sure the municipal water is ok, have you tested it, ph? Ppm of water… May be chlorine in water,. Just some things to check… Good luck

The water PH is 7, I have not tested the ppm. I am sure it has some amount of chlorine but it is pumped into a tank and can aerate before I use it. I thought the chlorine would dissipate.
Thanks for the input

@dmaelect…that’s the right thing to do… Let it sit in open container so chlorine dissipates … 7 is a little on high side of ph for
Cannabis… Try getting it down a bit … The sweet spot is 6.5… Other than that you should be ok… Is your plant outside… What is light source?

Just re read your post… What do you
Mean when you wrote added nutes and adjusted to 5.5? Make sure when you add nutes to ph the water again to 6.5 neighborhood … 7 is high… 5.5 is low

Another thing is

They are outside shaded by semi transparent plastic of the greenhouse with good air flow.

After adding the nutes. to water I adjust the water ph to 5.5

@dmaelect… When did they sprout?.. Def go slow with nutes, which you seem to
Be doing but how old are they?

Sprouted May 15. They are about 30" Tall right now.
White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Jack Herer

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Ok @dmaelect, not sure about ph you need to be at with happy frog?.. The ph may be the issue your having… I will ask @bob31, if this grower is in happy frog, what should the nute solution or ph’d water be at?

6.5 pH Sir @Zombo

HF is a soil all soils go 6.5

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Ok, The soil is constant at 7. That is why I have been lowering the water ph.

Thx @bob31… So your ph needs to be at 6.5 @dmaelect… If you water only or water with nutes in, make sure it’s ph’d to 6.5… Hopefully this helps!

@dmaelect What are you measuring the soil pH with?

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Have you tested the runoff to see what ph it’s at? @dmaelect

Metal Probe meter, I have bought two different ones to verify they are the same

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right if its a three pronger. measure the runoff. You got this @Zombo

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@Zombo, No.

If it’s like the one I bought , dr meter it’s called… It’s really only good for moisture…, if you don’t have a ph pen, you can get a cheap one on amazon, they sell a ph pen and ppm meter for like $20… Gonna help you in long run @dmaelect