Growth and development need help

I’m a first time grower, and I’m using and following The Green Solution RX. As seen on feeding chart ,it’s a 12-week process but I followed the 14-week process by repeating weeks 3 & 4 in 10 & 11. I’m currently on the first week of 11 and all I see still is I guess like starter buds" white stems as seen on pictures". I’ve seen them for the past 3 weeks and they didn’t develop into any buds or crowns at the top of the plant “as seen in pic’s”. A guy at the store where I buy my supplies told me to follow a more aggressive feeding chart at its ninth week “pic of new feeding chart is the 2nd one”.nd go on from there. I NEED HELP DO Y’ALL THINK THAT WILL WORK…

tough to tell from those pics, but you may have some male plants there, and not female plants, which you need to achieve what you are looking for. did you grow those from seeds?

Yes they all should be female seeds.

They still in flower could be a late sativa , they tend to flower when they want sometimes , just keep a steady schedule , don’t get impatient , watch the plant daily and let it finish .

Picture 4 shows stem and curling leaves…my guess is too much of the wrong fertilizer, almost like it’s back to veg state??