Growth after 7 weeks

Lately I’m looking at my plants and wonder how fast is a usual grow and am I hitting my goal of around 300-400g after harvest.

I have 6 plants and the grow for around 7-8 weeks. They all vary between 20-30 cm.
I think that’s a bit to low right ?
Tho a friend of mine is telling me they should be 80 cm tall and that’s stupid assumption for my believe. That would mean these plants would grow ca. 1.5 cm a day. No way.
Thanks in advance for you suggestions.

Do you have any clear pictures? What strain are you growing?

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What medium are you in?
What nutrients do you use/plan on using?
Are you monitoring your pH? In and out

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They do sound short. Have you topped them? Are they bushy? Once they hit there stride they grow very fast. My outdoor plants have grown 12 inches in a week. Sounds like something is holding them back. Maybe low temperatures ?

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That’s a 2 week ago
Im Gröning amneisa Haze and royal ak

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Mine at 7 weeks was very short … :cherries::pie: Indica dominant


That’s URS after 2 weeks ?

No I don’t have the equipment for Monitoring the pH and I use soil as medium. Tho soil I used was some mix of humus and sand. My dad is telling ma apparently that’s a good mix. He’s growing other plants and including cannabis long time ago.

I use hesi pack tho I just started out with it yesterday.
TNT complex and power enzyme and some thing called super fit

That’s a better picture I believe.
I know they are bit yellow. I was away for 2 weeks and friend if mine watered them also I should started with the nutirends earlier.
Thanks for the great help. :slight_smile:

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Knowing where your pH is in my mind the most important part of the equation. In soil you want it to be between 6.3 to 6.8 with 6.5 being the sweet spot. I would get on amazon and at least grab a 15 dollar one and some ph up/down solution. Otherwise you might be unintentionally lovking nutrients out of your plants. Unless your nutes adjust your water on their own. Even then its still good to know what your giving them.


Yes do you know a good pen?
I will look for one right now. Do you need any more information and what do you think about the picture?
Can I save them ?

First off, im a newbie on my first grow as well. What kind of money could you spend. 50? If you want a good ph meter at a great price I would look at Apera
Apera Instruments AI209 PH20 Value Waterproof pH Pocket Tester, ±0.1 pH Accuracy, 0-14.0 pH Range, Complete Kit

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Oh I see and how do your plants look like?

That was the one I found on Amazon. Apparently the best-seller

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The meter I linked is 50 bucks but comes with calibration solution, solution to store your pen, and a hard case to keep it nice. Great investment

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I bought the cheap pen to at first and it also comes with calibration solution packets. And it works as well. Just make sure not to submerge it past the water line as its not waterproof. But it works

I will buy this for my second grow for sure.

Okay cool. Good to know.
I feel bad for giving them to less attention so they grew short.

Temp should be good at 22-25 degrees. I think it’s more eoften a medium/pH/nutrients problem

My plants seem to stall out if you will, amd stop vertical growth at times. My conclusion is that they growth they are adding is under the soil. One day they will grow an inch a day for a few days then they may slow down, and so on. My plants are autos(just to note) and are at 4 weeks old.