Growtent from floor

Hi me again got growtent set up with girls in there now i just saw a huge amount of water underneath and in the growtent itself have no clue where it coming from is it condencation or so im not even giving them that amound of water…any ideas thanks a lot

Pictures of your grow room?



I had that problem with hydro with top spritzer. Water was accumulating on a leaf and running off to the floor. That’s when I learned that it’s a good idea to keep all electric plugs up :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yours is soil. Check your pots for holes.

If you have a shop vac, it makes it easy to suck up runoff water. I keep my pots in trays to collect run off and keep the floor from being wet.

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Thanks a lot for answers back @Fairieswear8oots and @MattyBear thing is got a tray inside growtent itself and dont give them that amount of water thats overflowing and water is even underneath the growtent itself …really strange but ok thanks anyway for response…:+1::+1::+1:

Yes it’s condensation @Annznl. Do you keep any liquid in or around the tent? If so move it away.

Hi @Twitch no i havnt but can it come from outside thru the ventilation hole or hose you think ?:roll_eyes:

@Annznl yes it is possible it happens mostly when the temperature is colder outside than inside… The way that I’ve manged to nip it in the bud… Lol… Was to put in a USB fan and let it run 420 all the time, 24/7 hang it away from your lights. This is the the one i use.

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That’s a lot of condensation. Hmm. If that regularly happens I’d look into a sump pump or dehumidifier for the room the tent is in

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Thanks @Twitch and @MattyBear we shall see thanks much for info


I have 5 fan outlets so the flowers dance, the extraction adds the power of the airflow so the humidity is low