Growroom setup / best way to grow with rdwc 24pot, (scrog or sog)



You really need to slow down and think about what your trying to accomplish…
Have you had the opportunity to be inside of an actual grow room or flower room?
No amount of pics or videos on the internet are going to give you a good idea of what your in for… no matter how much money that you have to throw at this , it is not going to make you successful…
Just by the things that you are asking is sending up red flags , big time… you really need to do alot of research and maybe grow a couple of plants before diving in like you want to… not trying to be a buzz kill… I just dont like to see people fail… I’ve been growing for over 10 years and have had the opportunity to be in many different grow rooms and 3 different 20,000 square foot facilities and I can tell you first hand , I still learn new stuff every day…
Best advice I could give , is really make a solid plan on paper with every little detail and even the things that you might not expect… and think on it some more…
Good luck fellow cultivator…
Also you would want to go with either hps or cmh in a sealed/ducted hood for lighting …
No LEDs will accomplish what you want unless you flower clones once there rooted and end up only a foot tall when it’s time to harvest… :wink:



I agree with @peachfuzz. However just trying to answer lighting questions. Standard 1000 watt hps is ideal for about 20 square feet. If you jump up double ended you can get more coverage out of them.


Wow. I thought that said 5x5 FEET when I recommended 1000 actual watts for LEDs. My first reply in this forum made me look like a moron :neutral_face:.

Is there a reason you are starting out with such a huge operation? Starting small and scaling up is the way to go. That way by the time you get up to such a large grow, you’ll have the real world experience to deal with the gazillion problems that can come up with something that big. I would love to see pics anyway, once you get it up and going.