Growroom setup / best way to grow with rdwc 24pot, (scrog or sog)

Hello guys,

So i was wondering, i just ordered a 24 pot rdwc system with 30L pots, so i am planning to order next are 9 kingled 1000w led’s.
So my question is what’s the best way to grow in a setup like this, should i go with scrog or sog? My aim is to get big yields

@Mygarden it all depends on the shape/size of ur grow room for wich method.u need to be hands on with scrog so as far as u can reach is as wide as ud want it.if ur after yield id change my light choice. Are traditional hps bulbs and ballasts out of the picture?

So does this mean it will hold 24 plants?

Yeah those lights aren’t going to cut it for 24 plants. They’re only 185 watts each. That 1000 watt they claim is BS. I’m curious how big of a space you got?

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I’ve got 10x10 meters so quite alot of space

Hey i got 10x10 meters, and i rather dont use hps because of the electricity,

Ye the system has 24 pots

Wow that’s quite a big space. I’ll let the experts answer all these. That’s 1076 square feet for us Americans. That would require a massive amount of lighting.

That’s the space i have but I’m gonna use a 5x5 meter grow tent with the rdwc 24 pots inside, what led light can you recommend me?

With that many plants, a SOG would be the way to go. I do Scrog, but I have 2plants, 2scrog nets. Each plant has a 4x4 net

I’m a noob, but I would say that if you want to run LEDs in your 25 sq ft space, you would need at least 1000 actual watts. That would be 2000 rated watts. I’m sure someone who actually knows what they’re talking about will be along soon to correct me, lol. I’m still learning as much as I can about indoor dwc before I start my first grow in December.

Please do not buy those lights yet! First off, buying a bunch of undersized lights for that size space may not be best for your situation. And if your tent is 15 feet by 15 feet, whatever lights you do choose will generate heat and need serious cooling. Do you have the electrical wiring capacity size to be able to handle the added load of AC, fans, pumps, lights? Might also look into light movers.

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If i use led lights i am able to use fans ac etc etc

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I am excited for updates on this grow. Have you any photos from other grows?

24 plants all RDWC. This should be epic!

You’re coming into the end of the warm season. So it should be easier to control the warm spikes for the water temps.

Are COB lighting within your budget?

If you want to know about lights, @dbrn32 is your huckleberry

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What’s your budget for lighting? 9 1000 watt king leds definitely are not going to light 10m x 10m room. Not even close.


@Mygarden…Is this your first grow?

This is a MAJOR GROW for a newbie. The grow you are planning will be a full time job.
PH, PPM and EC need to be checked at least once a day. Do you have a PH and PPM meter set? This is critical. 2 meter sets are online for $20. There is no mention of intake or exhaust fans…which is critical in an enclosed grow room.

As others stated…lighting is critical. As well as…the media and nute aspects.

Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

Around 2k for lights

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You’re going to have to figure something out there. A bunch of the cheap 1000 watt hps fixtures would probably get you closest to desirable par levels. Unfortunately you’re going to need other stuff to swing that, and not sure how that will all play into budget.

It’s possible for me to use hps lamps and a/c but i’ll have to get a power generator since i wanna stay of the radars for obvious circumstances, so what do you think and if yes how many 1000w hps lamps should i get?