Growroom Derangement Syndrome


I have it. I confess. Since I first saw my buddy’s fist-sized bud growing, I knew I was hooked. But I had absolutely no idea at the time that it would come to this. The first LED light bulb in a round aluminum reflector shining on a rockwool block. Thinking how smart I was when I bought 8 more of them. My first 2 MarsHydro 600s. My first 2 1000 watt led’s. Four 200 watt cfl’s. A 2 bulb T5. Don’t get me going on the cat litter container buckets I was so proud of at the time. The insulated buckets. The fans. All the air pump upgrades, new valves, more stones. First one 27 gallon res, now with another. Each one with 1800 watt COB led shining down on it, and 6 valve air pump in each. And I am sure there will be more to come. The continuous desire to upgrade has become a sickness. I have it. Be careful, this could be you! If I knew it was so contagious…


I have no idea what you’re talking about! You need those things, and then they need replaced often. Lmao!


I think this is great…okay enough time on here time to go hang out with the contagions lol.


It’s definitely a sickness… I agree with everything you said… 10 years later and I’m still changing , adding , tweaking and adjusting … it’s never-ending… always looking for bigger , better and tastier yields… I think it’ll be a constant until the day I die… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Crap. Only my first year. Hope I never put in a pool.


@peachfuzz I just started indoor growing about 2 months or so ago and I have already got a new larger tent so am using 2 tents. I have upgraded my lighting from flourescent to LED’s and ordering more, better LED’s this week and having to order the fans and filter to finish out my extra tent, the smaller one. Put all the other gear in the new one. And already started some plants in the old tent. New stuff every week.

Its a sickness and it is very catching. I know…:cry::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::grimacing:


Its a real problem, and I blame @dbrn32 for my lighting sickness that has started. I haven’t ordered yet, I’m skirting around the issue very lightly with Miss covertgrower. Yeah, i could just order it, but just want to make sure she’s on board, and wouldn’t hold a grudge about it…


O do I get it I’m building a aqua Ponics system tomorrow should be fun got 10 going and will see who ends up where lol


Passing the buck @Covertgrower? Lol!

Your wife sounds a lot like mine. I think she actually likes when I purchase new stuff. She uses it as leverage to grow her shoe and purse collection. It’s a two way street, and we can usually find middle ground.


Im addictive as well. Each grow i think ive tweaked my tent as much as possible, then i see another tweak. Also after my ballast went south, i got paranoid about anything going out. I live in sticks so everything is delivered & i ordered one or two more of just about everything. Hubby says if i could the whole house would be a grow room & wed live in a tent outside.


When my hubby went to the grow supply shop for the tent, light and stuff, I thought we had nearly everything we’d need :sweat_smile: (I also thought it was a bit much)
A couple of google searches brought me here… beginning my education and feeding my obsession.
Hubby was reluctant to ‘let’ me experiment with what I was reading and learning (he’s more the status quo type) but I put my foot down. It was not an insignificant investment so let’s do it right!! After a bit of mutual growling we agreed I’m in charge now :wink: My son is about to leave home, and is flying far away :slightly_frowning_face: This new hobby/obsession is the perfect distraction but I’m surprised at all the extras I’m finding we need… buying something for the girls every week!! I know it’ll pay off in the long run - I was looking forward to less spending and more reaping but doesn’t sound like less spending is in my future :smile: so more reaping it is!!


Sounds interesting when one of our outdoor guru guys goes Aero. Love to see it


I think mine enjoys it too, but would never say. Sometimes being patient and allowing her to to chew on it for a bit is always helpful. You’d be surprised that just an extra day of thinking about, and at least coming to an understanding doesn’t lead to resentment later. I finally asked her last night, and she said it would help. So in about 3 more weeks, I’ll be calling directly to place the order. Super excited. When tax time comes I’ll probably order another fixture to match the other side. @dbrn32


Thank you sir it’s going to be a ride


Hey Hog, did you get a chance to do the aquaponics thing?


I have it again. The Itch. The “I gotta buy something today” kind of thing. Fogponics. Please help me, I gotta have a fogger now. Can anyone recommend which to get?


I actually have 1-55 gallon drum cut in half in a 55 gallon drum for my fish just have to do the plumbing @Dumme is doing fog he could probably help with that