GrowMore Nutes w/Bryan


Ok I am intrigued by the sulfur comment. Time for me to learn something.


Do tell me more, Rob. That’s intriguing.

I talked to our food scientist at the distillery and he attributed it to the low humidity. I used the GrowMore line along with Cal mag and Floralicious Plus for a terpenator. So not sure of the exact nature of it. You had some of my Crystal and Sour Diesel. It was pretty subtle.


It was solid weed, but ya didn’t knock your socks off when opened.

I didn’t really think I was holding precious info either. I can try to find something scientifically indulgent though. I know if you take a look at just about every bottle available labeled to help terpene development is primarily magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) or potassium sulfate. The more crafty guys seem to apply Epsom salts to relatively basic nute regimen. You know my situation, was just something I was playing with last I could.


Thanks for the tip. I never thought about that.


Mattchew can probably give you some feedback on adding the Epsom. He and I talked about it a little while back, I think he’s been working with it for a couple harvests.



So far the plants have gotten 2 doses of 30/10/10 and then a plain watering. Most strains are doing well. 2 plants are having difficulty. The girlscout in coco is having nitrogen toxicity and one of the clones in soil has a severe magnesium deficiency. I have 2 soil clones that I manipulated into the 27 gallon rdwc system. Both are rooting quickly


Looking awesome


They all look good.


Well all 4 coco plants are showing nitrogen excess, so I expect the soil plants will be doing the same. Only used 1 dose of the 30/10/10 and then water. Will reduce by half when I restart. Luckily I like burnt tips, no underfed girls in my place. Used the 0/50/30 on my last plant from other grow and it is bulking up quickly


What’s your feeding/watering regimen in coco? F/W/F/W? Or some other combo? Also; do you flush periodically and do you use a flushing agent?

I liked the GrowMore product line; it was easy to mix, good ingredients, the plants loved it etc. The only thing I was lacking was terpenes production. I think I know where that lies and it isn’t with the nute line.


Just learning to use the GM Brand. No set feed schedule. So far the only thing I have done is give first dose and 2 of plain ph’d water. Did add calmag. These nutes contain none at all.


I would strongly recommend you develop a feeding schedule for the coco. I did a Feed/Water schedule the first month and when they really took off changed to F/F/W. Flush with Florakleen every two weeks. Cal mag in the water; not the nutes. PH to 5.8 using a digital meter. TDS throughout veg was around 900 PPM total.

Wise to add cal mag: cheap insurance. After flowering you can discontinue using it.




Can you retake those in real light? It’s tough to assess them in the blurple light


Clones from today, the bushiest plant gladly donated 5 to the cause. Put in 2 inches of seedling soil that I added butyric acid to water before soaking and a clonex dip



Eleven days after putting soil clones into netcup, surrounded by perlite and permeable rubber liner to hold everything inside the netcup. The roots have started showing outside in rdwc res


Looking awesome


Looks like some healthy roots!