Growme-Wan Kenobi! Perpetual Grow and other musings, Hello!

Sharing my perpetual grow process so that others may learn and to learn from others. This is the way_

I have just concluded my first grow in 15+ years and I realized I had no clue what I was doing back then except to treat my water for pH. To be fair, my first grow back was Sour Diesel which I come to find out is not for beginners… About a month out from harvest, I had germinated 2 White Widow seeds and managed not to kill 2 of 3 clones taken from the overachiever of Sour Diesel batch.

The front-left one didn’t make it :frowning: RIP but the other two came roaring back.

Tied up

Bounced back

I like this picture because the plant looks like a sea turtle :slight_smile:

Since we are in quarantine, I decided to do another 4-plant flower cycle and along with the 2 clones, germinated 2 White Widow seeds.

I don’t have any baby pictures, except that time I put them directly on a heating mat, the soil dried out real fast, and they almost died.

A couple hours late after I frantically tried to hydrate them… and overwater the other in the process haha

The cool thing, is the plant on the right really bushed out and I’ve got 6 really nice looking mains on that plant.

Same plant is in the back-right of this group photo.

Technicals of the grow:

4x4 Flowering Tent with 2 - 250W Series 3+ Red Spec LED 3500l (lm301h quantum boards, yadda)
4x4 VEg Tent with 1 - 250W Series 2+ Red Spec LED 3500k

Plan is to using till-less soil, water only soil in 7-gallon fabric pots. For the current batch of Sour Diesel and White Widow, both 7gal pots are half-full with Kind Soil, topped off with a mix of FFOF & LW

All plants have a straw-mulch to help retain moisture, microbes, for living soil.

My plan is really to focus on soil, soil, soil so I don’t have to worry about feeding into flowering. Buy, or make, good soil and that should be enough.

Next cycle of this grow will be 2 plants, 7 gallon pots, using Natures Living Soil, and a live cover crop. Haven’t decided on strains yet, but I am leaning toward Blue Dream and Critical XXL / Holy Punch / Bubba Kush CBD

Still working on that one!

Lastly, here are the girls tonight on the even of changing their light cycle to 12/12 – Plant tops are just below the DIY scrog screens and I will feather the branches outward as the plant stretches during the first few weeks.

Diesel are the two in the back row, white widows up front!

@skydiver I started a new thread for my perpetual grow here. I’m planning to update with new photos once a week to keep it simple.

BTW Just mixed some Roots Organics 707 w/ Natures Living Soil —> The Natures Living Soil STANKS like old-school stink bombs. WOOF

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Monday update! 4 days ago, I did some pruning/defoliating and cleaned growth from the bottom 50%-60% of the plant. I kept some lower fan leaves that looked healthy and that were not covering budsites.

For defoliating the top-canvas. I only like to remove fan leaves that grow toward the center of the plant and that cover bud-sites.

So here they are, 4 days from defoliation, and at the end of their first day flowering. Later tonight they will be waking up to their 2nd day of flowering.

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Didn’t have a chance to update last week, but the girls made up for it this week. 2 weeks into flowering cycle and I really couldn’t be happier with where the plants are.

Biggest challenge thus far has been the occasional watered-to-runoff. Well, a delayed runoff anyway. Only happened twice and in small amounts.

The individual scrog nets are working great althought 3 of the 4 plants look to be the same height, it’s the one “runt” in the front left that will benefit from having its own net.

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