Growlikeagirl’s Grow Journal

This is my second grow. My first was 6 ILGM GSCX that yielded about 2 pounds currently curing. This is my second grow. I appreciate all of the help so far.
@dbrn32 @Newt @OGIncognito You are all awesome!

Seeds dropped 11/20 germinated in a paper towel all popped up 11/23 in soil.

2- HLG 600 rspec
10 plants all in FFOF w/ extra Pearlite. Using the FFtrio again this run. 7 gal pots
8” cloud line infinity outake 6” intake and passive intake.
4 monkey fans coming soon and one large oscillating fan.

2 Mephisto Crème De La Chem
2 Night Owl Crème de La Cosmos

One of my GSCX has some rust colored leaves I have been supplementing cal/mag no nutrients just yet since I am in FFOF primarily mixed with extra pearlite. That should help with the rust colored leaves, right?

I am struggling with the new seeds for the 4x4 waiting now 7 days for my Mephisto Strawberry nuggets to pop up. Probably a lost cause. I started 5 seeds with no luck. Same method used here and my first grow. Paper towel method moist not soaking wet in a ziplock between 2 plates on a seed mat.

I did pop 3 more seeds today to hopefully get this other tent going soon. Happy Holidays! Excited for round 2.


Looks like your gonna have a SOG lol literally. I have a 4x8 but I prefer to run 3-4 plants max otherwise I gotta army crawl to water them. Looking good tho!

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Rusty spots sounds like calcium issue. If it continues to get worse you will want to make sure that it was indeed a deficiency and not an issue of being locked out by ph or other elements.


Thanks for the tag. Good luck. Set to follow.

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Absolutely on “Fire”! Super nice haul and sweet new run :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you! I have only been doing RO water and supplementing 2 tsp cal/mag each one gallon watering. Can I get lockout if I haven’t started nutrients yet?

Yeah I guess we will see. I had 6 in the 4x4 and it was packed until the end. I thought 10 would be more manageable in a bigger space. I may have not thought this through. I guess if it gets two crazy my 4x4 is still currently empty since I can’t germinate seeds right now to save my life :rofl:

Not sure where you are but winter time is tricky season to germ. Need a little warmth.

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Yeah I think it’s a combination of temperature and I planted the first round of seeds to deep. Maybe didn’t wait for them to have long enough tails either.

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@Growlikeagirl yeah my first run in with WPM scared me off from packing my tents full. I only have like 56 inches clearance anyways after I account for tent height and light spacing. Now I hate when other plants are touching each other because of how easily the WPM spread my 1st run


Looks like you’re off to a beautiful start


I didn’t even think about that. I hope with good ventilation and the right temps and humidity I won’t have that issue. It probably should be on the radar. Thanks!


Thanks. Excited for the bigger tent.

Can easily combat it with a good prevention method like applying an IPM just find the right method and solution and your set. I used lost coast plant therapy for my WPM issues and apparently it could also be used as a IPM and ward off bugs

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Good to know. There is so much information and stuff to purchase that helps one thing or another. It’s nice to hear what works from actual people. Thanks!

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Happy Christmas Eve Eve from me and the girls.


@Growlikeagirl , nice work! I just went through your last journal, holy cow on the yield for 6 auto’s.
Very well done. Are these auto’s also?

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Yeah beginners luck, I think. These are all autos 6 ILGM GSCX same as the last run and 2 mephisto Crème de La Chem and 2 Night owl crème de La cosmos. Better lights in the big tent have made these all shorter and so far more manageable.

Thanks for checking it out.


Have you done any training/topping on these current ones or growing natural?
Auto’s get a bad rap sometimes so it’s good to see your efforts pay off.
I’ll be watching!

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Thanks! I have tried to do a little training this time on them. Last time I just let them go.

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