Growing with Mother Earth coco + perlite

Currently setting up almost ready just have a couple questions when using coco so I’m currently going to run Mother Earth coco plus perlite and Athena blended line with powersi but now my question is do I feed a light nutrients dose on the transplant or do I have to just water it like ocean forest soil that already comes with some nutes for about 1 week what should I feed on my 1st feed after transplanting clones any help would be appreciated

Coco is a blank canvas. The only thing your plants will have to eat is what you give them. If the seeding are in something like happy frog they will be ok until the roots go past the HF. Then they will be looking to you for nutrients. Check what your nutrient line recommends. I image it will be a couple hundred ppm for seedlings.


I am not sure what stack & cleanse are all about. But apparently a light dose is in order which is 500+ ppm (500 scale). I would not be that heavy until the plant had 3 or more well developed sets of leaves.
This is one of my current purple haze on day 26. Definitely ready for 500ppm. In fact she was on Jack’s 321 and getting around 1000.

She was pruned for a manifold. You can tell she was happy and fed well because she still had her cotyledon leaves at 26 days