Growing with LED (beginner) any advice?


35 to 50 watts per square foot is what you are looking for.


Yup. Per square foot. How big is the entire area you are growing in. Pots. Plants spread. Widest rough estimates u got. N with the lights ur running id stay around the 50 watts per square ft range. 35 is for more efficent lighting. The couple i mentiond only advertise there actual wattage. And the scientifics (PAR, umol/whateves, lumens, lumens/whateves… obviously im not a scientist) are all so good that the watts u need per square ft drop to the 35 range.


12inch pots

12 inch pots for both

Actual wattage is 93watts all together so about 46.5 wattage per square foot

If I did my math right


That is kinda decent IMHO. But you’ll need much stronger to flower. They will stretch and add 20-40% in size. Im doing the same somewhat. Using the sun when i can. I will NOT be running it again. Dying to upgrade my lighting.

Got a decent rainpour so i let her get a dab. But yea. Ive been in flower 3 weeks now. N honestly ill be happy if i get 15 grams how she looks now. Underwhelming to say the least. But have time to go still. All im saying is without proper lighting you wont get the pull u want.


Really disappointing thank you for the information. @PurpNGold74 I’m going to top them and see if that helps


Don’t give up. It’s a learning curve for all of us and in your case (unlike mine) you didn’t spend $800 on inadequate lighting and have to spend ANOTHER $600 to get it right. You are using the best forum on the 'Net for learning how in a welcoming environment. We’ve all started doing this at some point.


I’m not going to give up. I Want to get it right then become an expert. I want to get it right starting off so later down the road when I’m ready to experiment I’ll be able to do it successfully. @PurpNGold74 @Myfriendis410


Many of us have fallen into the lighting trap. We buy what we think are good lights, only to find out that it’s still not enough. I’ve just finished my second grow and have upgraded my lights twice. Lighting is expensive and will be your biggest investment in this hobby if you’re growing indoors. There are affordable lights out there but that is a relative term. My lights for my 4x4 tent will run $700.


They are correct. You are in a perfect location to learn. And you’ve startd it so in the immortal words of big mama… ‘boy u betta finish dat plate’. Learn about maybe a deficiency that pops up going thru flower or how the watering habits change. Then learn about curing and drying. And before u drop the next seeds. Have an error or two already solved.

Also they keep saying u didnt have to spend 600$ to learn ur lesson. :joy::joy: when u think about it. That in itself is a win. Before u buy lights definitely take a look around a few forums. @MattyBear has a small space grow that did amazingly. I love this site

U can start at the top… but here is the good part


Also spoiler alert: alot of the above is technique. Matty is a bonafide Horticulturist in my eyes. Just goes to show u. With good efficient lighting and a solid setup. The sky is the limit.


Matty’s story is quite common on here. The best thing that you can do is invest in decent lighting. I was used to growing outdoors. I wasted money on my lights, and then had to battle the heat issues they cause. I just built a light for $220 Lots of help here with lighting. Just ask and someone will always help. Good luck


@PurpNGold74 can you guys tag me in the post where I can learn to build a led from scratch?


Welcome to the forum :wave:


One more First time grower - new tent and light AGAIN!


I agree! Would also like to point out that it doesn’t take a bunch of expensive stuff to grow weed. But spending a little more than bare minimum can go a long long way if you spend it carefully.


I’m trying to spend all my money very wisely until I have the hang of things to justify upgrades. But, soon.


Let me know if I can help when the time comes.


For sure. I’m looking at two fixtures, probably. One for a veg space, probably like 2 x 4’, and one for a flower space, maybe 3 x 6’-ish. I have a few ideas in my head, but we’re looking at a few different places. Until I know which, I’m not sure the size room I’ll have to work with. The plan is to basically just expand the size of the areas I’m running now: some counter/table space, a nursery, a veg space, and two flower spaces, and a space to dry, staggered to hopefully harvest every couple weeks, maybe even one plant a week, we’ll see. But I definitely like the idea of a perpetual harvest, as opposed to harvesting a lot will at once. It seems cheaper to light several small spaces vs. one large space, yeah?


@KingVars you’ll see my build under the first heading, post 27.


@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @PurpNGold74 @elheffe702 You guys update on plants.

I top them yesterday right before I turned lights off and it Seems like both plants have grown in the time I was sleep. Here’s some pictures of where I topped both plants.