Growing with Fishes Thursday at 9:30 EST


Growing with Fishes is a Live Cannabis webcast featuring grow experts from around North America. The show is based off of Aquaponics and all Cannabis growing, Tons of knowledge shared on every show. The panel discuss all aspects of growing and discusses innovative products and new technology.

We also take Q and A from the chatroom during the show. Come and join in on the fun.

Growing with Fishes has had many company owners and developers of lighting and products for growing Cannabis better and more potently.

Join us at 9:30 PM EST Thursday nights and be ready to learn something. I learn something new almost every week :smiley:

Youtube. Hosted by Potent Ponics

Watch for Last week in Cannabis Mondays at 9:30pm EST on youtiube


@Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @SmoknGranny @peachfuzz @Spooky81 @hillbilly103 @Laurap @Rugar89 @Ragnar @daz49 everyone should check this out tonight tag as many people as you can some of the best information you will find anywhere you’re able to ask questions and Chat and you can ask about soil grows hydroponic aquaponic there’s so much out there to help everyone please help me spread the word just tag them here if you think they would love to learn more then you can imagine


@bonnie1 @Bobbi @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @Nugs @Ray4x @rodri59 @HappyCamper @garrigan62 @Wishingilivedina420state there’s a link above or you can go to YouTube and look up potent Ponics live feed at 930 est


Thanks for the tag @Hogmaster! I have one of my kids soccer games tonight but will try and watch live!


@MattyBear Tell anyone you think would be interested I would just tag them here if I didn’t think it would be beneficial for everyone I wouldn’t be asking for you all to check it out and your friends . And you can actually see it again the next day when it is re-posted on YouTube there’s a great Monday night show to


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I will definitely be watching this. Always looking to keep learning about growing.


Click that bell and you get notifications when a video / live podcast is on. I got plans tonight involving xanax, beer and expanding my growing knowledge. Thanks boys


Not enough gigs left to watch :disappointed_relieved: so can’t watch. I’m looking forward to hearing comments from all of you :smiley:


Thanks @Hogmaster I started watching last night.


I’ll be tuning in from work lol!



Thanks for the info. I’ll be checking it out!


I have a friend that grows veggies, Cannabis and gets his fish out of his greenhouse using Aquaponics. He has sworn by it for many years. I want to watch it just for to get more information. I may just catch the you tube post later. Just got back from a long drive on the Harley. Thanks Jerry


I’m watching @Hogmaster


S_______ and rays in an aquarium! So cool.


@Countryboyjvd1971 here is the link to the podcast


“Growing With Fishes” Episode 1


“Growing With Fishes” Episode 2


“Growing With Fishes” Episode 3