Growing with earth boxes indoors

Never grew marijuana before. I have grown many other plants in an earth box. Normally I make a trench 2” deep and full length of the box in the Mirical Grow potting mix and pour 2 cups fertilizer in the trench and cover with loose potting mix. And that last all season. My problem is with growing marijuana is I am going to have to change fertilizer after the growing stage and switch the fertilizer to budding fertilizer in the box at once Can this be done by digging out the old fertilizer and adding the budding fertilizer or do I have to start a new earth box with new potting mix and new budding fertilizer? I don’t know how I would change the ph on a weekly basis for budding stage if I already have all my fertilizer in the earth box. Or am I better of not pouring all the fertilizer in the box and do a daily feeding ? Thanks, Buddy53

I grow most of my garden crops in raised beds, boxes and sub-irrigated planters. I like the SIPs so I thought I would give them a try with some purple haze and a purple kush. They did very well through veg and into the 5th week of flower. They are now having major pH issues and, although they will make it to harvest, the critical last month of flower will not be what I would want. So, with that said, scrap the earth box and get some 5 gallon fabric pots and save yourself a lot of grief and frustration.

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Agree @beardless Also go for a feed as you grow. Either liquid or dry. I feed monthly. Switch to bloom mix about two weeks before flower.