Growing White Widow

My first time growing White Widow, I think I know now why it’s named White Widow (see pic’s).
Anybody have any comments on their experience growing WW?


Actualy if you give it another month or so of flowering you will know the true reason she is called white widow. I’ve harvested a few white widow grows and they pack on the trichomes the last few weeks of flower and it looks like your buds were out in a snow storm. :+1: Here is a pic of my last white widow grow. I love ILGMs white widows.


So beautiful!! Both of you…wow.

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Only growing the autos right now and am very impressed.


Still starting out, and it’s my first grow. On week 6 from sprout. I grew this strain because it’s uplifting. You’re ahead of me!


Hi this is my first time growing auto flower.
Not sure if they should be in the flowering or not someone told me to put them in the 1212 please help.

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By the way It’s day 65 Any Info would be appreciated.

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I have outdoor white widow feminized seeds, no auto flower. Somewhere on ILGM site should be info on the auto flower white widow. Outdoors started flowering August 4th due to the light cycle outside. Inside, once you switch to 12/12 you’ll start flowering. Just my opinion. Nice plant!

You might have photoperiod white widow non autoflower.

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