Growing White Widow outdoors

Greetings from NZ!

We are looking to start growing for the first time. We are look to purchase 5 White Widow seeds and grow them outdoors on our patio.

We have some questions before we pull the trigger:

  1. After germination (the vegetative state?) all of the guides use indoor lamps to provide sunlight. Our patio gets about 5 - 6 hours sunlight. Can we let it grow outside during this period of time?

  2. Does anyone know of some good soil available in NZ for growing from germination to potted?

  3. Will our patio provide enough sun for our plants to grow?

  4. Is there a full white widow outdoors growing guide anywhere? People seem to say outdoor, then suggest 18 hours of sun and mention having lamps indoors. How does that work?!

Many thanks!

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You can, but if you let it grow too long, it will begin to flower. 12 hours or less of light flowering is initiated.

I’ll tag some others. @Budz420 @Ausgrower @aussie123556

Some people will put the plant outside for the light period then bring it in for the rest of the light cycle to keep it in the veg.

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Thanks for the tag @Covertgrower. I am in Oz and using the Canna range - Terra Pro for the soil and their range of nutes.
Good luck with the grow @LongJohnShlongson :sunglasses: :+1:


Thanks for the tag, I’m also in Oz Any Hyrdo shop should steer you in the right direction good luck with ya grow.@LongJohnShlongson

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Cheers guys!

I still don’t fully understand how much sunlight the plant should be getting.

What I understand is:

Germination phase --> Planting the seed (taproot down) --> ??? —> harvest

Once the seeds are planted in soil in a pot, do I just leave it outside? The weather here isn’t that sunny and quite temperamental. How many hours should I leave it outside? Should I bring it in at night time? We don’t have a tent or lightbulbs. Are those necessary? If we don’t have a tent or lightbulbs, how can we make sure it’s getting enough light? People mentioned leaving it on the windowsill.


@LongJohnShlongson hi mate welcome to the forum :slight_smile: i do not know about white widow outdoors but generally 6 hours direct sunlight minimum an good temps should get you a result pending pot sizes an medium :slight_smile: swik does do 18 hours MH under light veg stages an then put them in soil or coco pot outside after 3 -4 feet tall. good luck mate happy growing :slight_smile:

White widow auto might be the way to go if it’s your first grow and you want to be able to do em on the patio. Pretty hard to mess up and will give you a taste of what you need to do a successful photo. Could be a little late in the year to start a photo, if you’re far north island you may be able to get away with it but it will start to flower when the days get shorter.