Growing White Widow and GDP together?

Can I grow White Widow and Grand Daddy Purple at the same time. I’m a new grower trying to figure out if they can be on the same light schedule. I have regular feminized seeds, not auto flowering.


Welcome to the community. You can grow any strain together. But don’t expect them to finish together. :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks for the info😎

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Yes… the light schedule for photos are on your timeline. When you switch - they both begin the process at the same time. The only problem may occur when ready to chop and one is ready before the other and you plan on using the tent they are growing in.

I have that right now so I had to make a make-shift drying box.

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Thanks for the info!:sunglasses:

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Basically you can veg any strain with another. You can start the flowering together. Whether they will finish on time is not guaranteed. Two of the same strain might finish at different times.

24/7 seedlings and rooting clones.
18/6 for tent grow veg
14/10 for outdoor grow veg
12/12 for flower

Doesn’t matter the strain.


Thank you for the info! :sunglasses:

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