Growing white widow again

I had to stop a grow of this like about 10 years ago… I literally had to pull it out of the pot at that time… so coming back to growing White Widow is fun for me. I hope to do as well as I did back then I got two really nice plants. Let’s just say that it was a very bad day! Still back then it was Illegal and let me be Honest here if I may… I did prefer it staying that way… it was far more interesting to have a Drug Dealer… the ‘quality’ was soooo much better, these stores have stuff that is WEAK!

Just being honest…

so here is a picture of my light and the pots that I will use for this new venture of White Widow. I never have grown a plant to fruition and hope to do so this time, I’m really TERRIBLE at understanding what you guys/gals are saying about ph this and that and all this stuff… I just grow it without anything but dirt and water…

I’ve smoked a lot of it if you can tell! :speaking_head:

So I hope to document this grow here on ILoveMarijuana…

I mean if I’m not out of line or something… I’d love to ask you dudes questions during it… I mean your thoughts on these matters is far beyond my experience so I am surely Respectful at least, to your good knowledge here.

The Balast is about 440 Watts so its Hot!

It should look like this in the end… hopefully…

Hope to get my seeds very soon!

That’s what the Best shit is… it’s Insanity! Without that there would be no Grow, No Leaf and No Halo! :heart_eyes:

catch you next time…


If you like White Widow try “Blue Venom” (Blueberry x White Widow)


I’m growing some too. Did you get seeds from ILGM?

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I just got more soil.

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Did so too this past spring indoors; Growing WW from ILGM again, clones of Lady 1. It can be pretty simple; Keep them happy and they do look nearly like that. :grin:

For Reference, that is a 4 gal square bucket, 12" tall, 8-1/4" L & W. Bushiness due to LST tie-down of 4 lowest branches; that’s the reason I picked square buckets, to spread out and grow up from inside along the more-lateral branches. Works! This is just before cutting down, I’ve removed the LST ties but the anchors can still be seen stuck to the front side of the bucket (zoom). I use releasable zip ties - they’re wide enough to not cut stems and can loop around anything.


Blue Venom sounds incredible! I just bought Blue Magnum, which is a cross of Blueberry x Northern Lights. Blueberry Headband, which is a cross of Blueberry x Emerald OG x pre-98 Bubba Kush). And Peper Jack Haze, which is a cross of Blueberry x Jack Herer x Lemon Thai). I love the blueberry strain haha


Sounds like you got some Humbolt and Emeral Triangle seeds !!!


well yeah I just got mine just now, boy was I surprised it took only 11 Days! I’ll put a post in here with some pics and my Germating.

Hope you get yours soon! :fearful:

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How many of those are there? In the Bucket is that like 7 plants?


I just got the seeds here are a NO pictures of the Packaging etc… and how i’m Germinating the seeds, I have 3 in the Paper Towel Method and 2 in the Water Method.

Don’t post packaging. It gives them a better idea. Too much detail can take us all down. We all know the ILGM packages. Let’s keep them stealth.


Nobody said anything about a criminal. I just feel the less they know the better. You never know what they are watching for. It’s not legal everywhere. Im not making an argument, just making sure we need to keep the packages stealthy. I haven’t been on here long but someone else did that and other people pointed it out not to post packaging. TMI ain’t always the best.


I’m with you Love blueberry taste. Have you ever tried the "true blueberry " strain ?

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Lucifer, No just the one WW fem from ILGM. Topped once and LST spreading bottom 4 branches out. She was a beauty.

And now, on my 3 clones from her, 2 stayed tall and one is short n bushy. they are 12 days into flowering and they’re too tall - I’ve had to LST these over sideways - more colas though! Or, should I just top them off now and hope for best?


Yes, that does make some sense, I have no problem with erasing those photos, but maybe I’ll keep them in for now and erase them when hearing from the Moderators here… was one of those people Moderators, Careg or just users like myself?

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I can’t believe that’s from one seed! Unreal.

Yes - you need to “defoliate” so the light reaches all buds - start by removing “fan” leaves (two fan leaves in the middle < ect fro example> if not small buds - plant looks very health Most do a "heavy"defoliation in week 4 of flower because at that time most fan leaves are used up. This dite might have so guides on defoliation if not let me know and can give you a few sites to look at - Peace ( on the right side- that sticking out-ward remove all the big fan leaves- I count about 7-8 that could be removed)

I see your point, I think though that it’s weak to put the seeds with a video game, I mean what does that say? When you get something from Amazon you know that it will be professional, you won’t get a hairdryer packaged with another product. It seems like it’s a Fear that many have about the Legality of such matters. I mean we’re growing Grass not creating a Nuclear Warhead…

Thanks! will do.

Yeah, but consider what happened to me about 10 years ago or so, I had a postal worker who knows my daily mail I ordered some seeds from a Dutch Company and they never came because it was stolen at the Postal Level. The packaging was surely ‘Stealth’ as you say… but recognized as seeds within to the Postal Worker who Stole it. With the packaging from ILGM the postal worker wouldn’t know, because like you said it’s the ‘least Stealth’ shipping, but it’s a commonplace package whereby there are many thousands of such packages. The risk to the Postal Worker becomes much greater… because the Package is not ‘Fishy’.

Anything can be in there and with thousands of like packages you surely have a greater chance of it being delivered successfully.

On another note, I informed the Dutch Company back then that my seeds never arrived and had been stolen, they could care less… they just pocketed my money and took me to the bank. I let them know that I was upset, and of course I never went back to them… thus they lost many hundreds of dollars for their poor business practices!

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