Growing Wheatgrass In My MJ Grow Room

Germinating seeds in a ph water soak. Pics tomorrow


Ok… I might be having one of those moments. I completely forgot to take pics… I will go into the grow and take a pic or two of what I did…duh! Lol

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Finally got the pics! Not much too look at really, lol. Right now I am just spraying them with pH water when they start getting dry.

Hey buddy just found yourvwheat grass thread
And wanted to say hello bobby lol

Hi John how are ya buddy? @Countryboyjvd1971

I’m good. Tired. Watching the red Sox on tv

I’m good getting ready to crash was just looking around when I found this
My wife wants the garden outside but when it’s time to work she’s not around lol so that’s going a bit slow for me
Have a great night bro sorry your team is losing lol :v::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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They are certainly off to a slower start than we hoped… Yanks looked pretty good when we played. Baltimore is tough this year.:+1::palm_tree::v: :baseball:

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