Growing Wheatgrass for Juicing

I realize I am straying well off the cannabis trail, but I have an idle 2x2 tent occasionally used as a seedling tent, but more often unused. I have a 135W QB light in the tent.

For the health benefits of juicing, wheatgrass can be grown in trays until 3 or 4 inches tall to harvest. Has anyone setup a system to grow wheatgrass sprouts or any other sprouts in a tent as described?

Check out microgreens on youtube.
I have done it. You can use coco mats or soil and shallow seedling trays.

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Thanks much friend! I normally use Pro-Mix HP soilless medium with Advanced Nutrients product line. The medium is pretty much sphagnum moss with perlite added, and I moisten the medium with a very light dose of nutes in pH adjusted water. This gives the seedlings a balanced diet, then I increase the nutes as the cannabis seedlings grow. I mention this to you since I plan to do something similar with the wheatgrass unless you see a flaw in this plan.

I’ll look at the video you linked and they may address this very question. I’ll need a tray with drain holes that will fit in my tent, plus some wheat berries to begin. I bought a masticating juicer after frustrating years with centrifugal juicers, so I’m ready to juice green leafy products the other juicer simply would not handle with efficiency.

I need to find a source to buy a tray and wheat berries, and if you have suggestions, I’ll be most appreciative! Thanks!!

n you talk about

Amazon has the best deals on stuff like that. Just look for package deals.
Depending on how long you let the sprouts grow before you chop them you may not need any nutrients.
If you do as you say with just a light dose you probably will be fine.
I grow mescaline in coco and use about a quarter dose of liquid fertilizers. Grows fast and furious.

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Same for wheatgrass seed…sometimes listed as “Cat Grass”
My wife grows it constantly for the cat.

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I got some good tips from a site called In thier hydroponic style kit, they used a coco /hemp mat that looks a bit cleaner than using a soil type medium. They lightly sprinkled azomite on the mat before spreading the soaked wheatberries. I suppose the sprouts pick up the minerals from the azomite meaning the juice may be more healthful with this nute than w/o. I appreciate the feedback today - I think I’m ready to move forward now.

Interesting…so a cat will nibble on the green foliage? My wife has cats and may like this tip.

I use the mats…works fine and cleanup later is simple.

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Oh yeah, the cat will devour the stuff. Lol

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That’s a bonus for the cat! I think I’ll use the coco mats too…Amazon got them?

Pre cut and rolls…Yes

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