Growing weed in winter? Can it be done?


Best weed seeds to grow outdoor in winter ? Coldest twmp the strain can take and should I cover the plant ?


Dutch passion sell good out door strains heard alot abt them but don’t think any plant would survive in winter I’m in the UK and going to try ther seeds this year in May sum time got sumn nice plots I’m going to plant


Lowryder autos are great for outdoor cold weather
I did cold weather greenhouse grow with ILGM blueberry auto and Northernlights autos with temps down in the 20s toward the end
What ever you do stick to an indica dominant plant with a stong genetic back ground.


Oops sorry about not answering the last part of your question
Yes you can cover them and recommend doing so if it gets really cold.
Use burlap sacks and upside down tomato cages and loosely drape the sack over the tomato cage
I did this to some of my yard plants and it kept them from dying off in the winter time.
Also clear 6 mill plastic works but it can get hot when the sun is up even if it is cold out
Hope this helps


The area in south africa where I stay in winter is -1 C but thats about as cold as it gets …and there is enough sun


I would cover them when it freezes. I’m lucky because it never freezes here. It snowed twice for a total of about 20 minutes in the last 65 years! Southern California in the avocado-growing region, in case you are wondering.

I have a plant I vegged inside and put outside about February 1 to flower. It’s doing fine, and should be ready to harvest within a week. It has done fine with some nights in the low 40s F. Days are running in the 70s F. That’s 4.5 C to 21 C, for people in the sensible parts of the world.

A normal outside grow requires you put the plants out in May or June and harvest in September or October. But you can veg under lights inside and then put them out to flower any time from August to February. The nights are long enough that they don’t get confused and go in and out of flower mode.


He’s in the southern hemisphere, so seasons are reversed from ours…


I’m sure he’s used to adding or subtracting 6 from the month! When people in the southern hemisphere talk about winter they are referring to what happens in June. They are not US or Europe-centric. You might notice I usually quote temperatures in both F and C.


I’ve seen people take cinder blocks and make a square, several high, around their plants; thus making it easy to cover at night. This keeps snow away and the ground warmer also. Will protection from any high winds he may experience.


I have a chain link fence panel cage, 6’ by 12’ by 6’ high. Makes it very difficult for thieves and I can put tarps on top and around the sides if I need to. I always keep it locked mostly because that is a requirement for legal growing where I live. The sun penetrates chain link very well!


These are cheap and easy to build
Kept all my veggies I started back in December from freezing