Growing Upside Down


Just a curious question I have, are there any benefits of growing your plants upside down? I know that if there were benefits, it would have to be done indoor so that you can control the light, but again I was just curious.

Grafting advanced growers only

i’m not real sure of how that would turn out @Jrivero24
i water my plants untill run off and i would not want nutrients all over my crop.
it may burn up leafs?
topsy turvy ???


Interesting I remember 15yr’s ago seeing several hydro units which used a ferris wheel type system which spun plants around light in trays including upside down submerging roots in nutrient solution at bottom then revolving the plants around the light slowly. Oddly haven’t seen this system in years which points to a flaw or impractical setup since it lost favor almost as fast as it came on market or atleast for our market since light distance and plant size was quite fixed basically the first thought I had was why? It limited size to single kola 10-12" plants no bigger


I cant imagine a practical reason for doing this
And it doesn’t surprise me that the system you mentioned is no longer available DJ
Interesting to think about tho :thinking:


I had this question a month or so ago, so I googled it. I didn’t get too far with it. Cannabis is different than tomatoes because cannabis will grow towards the light (tomatoes will grow down if grown upside down). You would need to put the light under the plant for it to grow properly.


still in use but not marketed to bigger plants just lettuce and smaller items and sure they would have different lighting options by now than the 1000w light in the center of the big 6’x6’ paddle wheel they were


15 years ago we didn’t have any where near the kind of commercial monitoring and electronics devices we probably have now…I suppose folkscame up with better, easier to use solutions (or realized what they were doing was already better) such as aeroponics, ebb and flow, NFT, etc.