Growing updates


Here is where I am since getting seeds and reading,reading,asking,reading,asking…

I have 6 different varieties from ILGM and one more on the way. NL-MW-LSD-BGL-CalDR-BBK and BlueDr on the way. So far I have grown one batch of LSD/MW/NL. I put 2 seeds of each in water then soil after sprouting. on eachone I only had one seed sprout I cloned them all and flowered the main plants and got 2 oz LSD 3 oz MW and 3.5 oz NL using scrog method under 2 1000w hps. All 3 dried on wire racks for a week and then in jars for the cure. LSD has been curing in jars over 2 weeks now and is at 63% humidity. Started at 72% The MW and NL are 1 week in jars at 58-60% now and started at 45-50% I added 63% Bodiva after 3 days to raise humidity.

Learned a bit from this first grow and have the clones of the NL and MW under the same lights flowing now. They got a little bigger than the first as I was waiting for the first plants to finish. I did not use the LSD clone as the first hermed and did not want to take the chance on this flowering.

Learning more on this flowering and taking notes.

I put 1 seed each of Cal Dr and BBK in water last week on 2-3-19 and both showed white tap root after 48hrs and moved both to peat pots with Ocean forest soil. The CalDr sprouted in 2 more days but nothing on the BBK. So as of now I have planted 8 seeds(2 of each on the first batch) and 4 sprouted(1 of each) so I am at 50% in seed sprouting.

Today I put another BBK in water dish and will try again. The sprouted CalDr and the so far unsprouted BBK are in nice clear tent under LED from Aerogarden setup. So we will see what happens.

I have a 600w hps I use for the veg room and I ordered 2 260xl’s to use in flowering. I am looking at a 4x4 tent for the 2 260xl’s but may or may not use one. I am figuring out the areas and may use in place of 1 of the 1000w hps to save electricity or may use as another flowering setup with the 2 HPS’S or seperately in a tent. Many choices.

So that is where we are now 3+ months in with all your help.


You’ll like the Cali dream. It’s a fast flowering heavy evening smoke


this may be part of the problem, FFOF is too ‘hot’ for seedlings.!
try a seed starting mix, one without slow release fert’s.!!


@SlowOldGuy Good timing, I just read that somewhere. This is the very first time I have used the FFOF soil though. I hope the Cal Dream does ok in it. I was using regular potting soil before. All the plants are in regular potting soil so far.

I bought 2 bags of the FFOF soil at a local nursery. It is ok to use when I bump up from peat pot to 5gal size right?

I have some large bags(2 cubic feet each) of vermiculite and perlite. If I mix 1/3rd of each with 1/3 FFOF would it still be too hot? If so I could just do 50/50 and leave out the soil, would that work?


this was probably too ‘hot’ also, most potting mixes have fert’s in them.!

yes, it is an ideal veg mix.!

idk, never tried it…???
i think u would be good, it’ll need a lot of waterings tho.!

yes it will work, pure perlite or vermiculite will work,
not ideal, but pretty good for sprouts.!
when using inert media u want hydro nutes on hand in case they need some fert’s before getting to the FFOF.!!


@SlowOldGuy Thanks for the replies. I always look for a potting soil without fertilizer in it. Harder and harder to find. I have some fish emulsion and seaweed extract gallons which should be a good mix for 50/50 perlite and vermiculite. May have the wife stop by nursery on her way home to check for seedling mix.

Thanks again.


Ok going through my gardening things I have 100 or so of the Jiffy pear pellets. The ones that are pressed into flat pieces and you add water and they swell up. I have 12 that were already watered and expanded but not used and dry. I took the cover off them and they crumble to a fine peat mix. I can use them as a 1/3rd and use the vermiculite and perlite to make a nice soil less seeding mix :sleeping::grin:


@RAP I grew Cali Dream outdoors last year and it is a great strain! Read that it doesn’t like a lot of nitrogen so be careful with the veg nutes…good luck!


@RAP I’ve started my seedlings in FFOF, with no issues other than a few twisty leaves. Haven’t lost any yet though. :wink:


On the first flower if you remember the LSD hermed. I collected pollen off a couple of sacs and hand pollinated 1 stem of the Maui that was right next to it. I tagged the branch so I would know which one and it is in a separate container curing. A couple really nice looking seeds have fallen out so far while I open to breath each day.

I know most said it will probably carry herm genes but I am going to grow 6 of the best looking seeds later and see if I can get a female to grow. I can flower in a separate area so if it herms it will not be a problem. If I can get a nice female not to herm it could be interesting to see a LSD/Maui mix. And if it comes out nice I will have clones ready. If not they can go away.