Growing too good

I did everything you all told me I killed the first two batches so this time I did not use miracle grow on my seeds I did not put lights on them I just moved him over the two the window to take a photo and now every single one of them have come up and they look tall and stringy what do I doPlease help

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Now is the time to get some light on them, not too close, don’t want to burn them up now, and let that soil dry up before you add any more water.

Thank you

I would separate them as well in to individual pots before they get much bigger. If the roots start to entwine you will kill them trying to split them up. They do look soggy as well so a bit less water or you will get mould starting to appear. Good luck

These are all good tips thank you

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this morning to check on my plants and one of them has fallen over the
Rest of them are all OK what do I do to get this one back to life

It’s hard to see but looks really dry. I have a cane that I use to prop mine up if they fall over. I just put the cane on top of the pot, lift the seedling and nudge the cane over to support

It has happened again… 3rd time … I put it in the water sprouts it’s root I put it in the soil it comes through it’s about 3 inches tall everything was perfect and then very next day falls over and then I tried staking it up I tried planting it in plain soil no miracle grow Really don’t know what else to do anyone have any thoughts

Something strange going on with your sprouts, in that last pic it seems all your sprouts still have the seed case stuck on, like they can’t get rid of it. Try something different than what you are doing. Try planting the seeds directly in soil.

This is what I do and I never have any problems:

  1. Soak seeds in tap water 24 hours.
  2. Prepare solo cup (cut holes in bottom), fill solo cup with potting soil, water the soil til a little runoff water comes out (about 3-4 oz of water)
  3. Poke a 1/2 inch deep hole in the center of the soil, place seed in the hole, cover the seed with soil (just push some over on top of it)
  4. Place it a few feet under the lights and leave them alone (no spraying or misting). 4-5 days later I get sprouts, after the cup feels empty (very light meaning the soil is dry) then I water again and leave alone for another 4-5 days til it needs water again.