Growing too fast in flower (Too tall)

Nope! A split is fine… as long as the cambium is not damaged. Horizontal is bad.

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@Cannabian what do you mean by horizontal is bad?

I completely folded the colas to 90 degree angles. You can see in the 3rd pic. They are laying horizontally.

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No… I mean a split longitudinally is ok, crack horizontally is not ok!


@Nothingshocking how long you been in flower sir ?

@yoshi I flipped the lights 3 weeks ago today. This is my first go with photos, I was expecting 2-3 weeks of stretch before the buds showed up, but there were little buttons last weekend as you can see.

I’ve got a dozen shoots that are as high as the original colas before I super cropped now. I wasn’t expecting this. She’s twice the size of the other 2 plants, Bruce Banner and black widow

Keep supercropping

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@Bluntsmoke that’s a thought. I figured the stretch would have to end soon or slow down at least. I’m about a foot from the lights and have about 6 inches I can raise them. I plan to defoliate on Sunday I guess I’ll decide then and post more pics.

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They’ll probably grow some more. I try to pinch where the lower buds start rising and tie it on to itself. They end up growing back to original height but so do the lowers.

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@Nothingshocking all them big sun leaves that’s right under the leaf on the budding flower, the big 5, 7, 9 leave leaves, that make sense, I swear I think my mom was embarrassed to get me evaluated as a kid, I write, type like I have some case of dyslexia or one of them ad oc type whatever the phuck they call it, but yeah after defioliating should help get the stretching done, but im just going to tell you now, a few will burn if you have 6 inches with HPS, it’s just facts and you only in week 3 from the flip, in a tent and this the first supercropped, I’m no expert now, but with HPS and 6 inches left, 3rd week in flower, ah yeah they will continue to stretch for another 4 weeks easy budding, especially with HPS yeah? Hmmmm interesting!

Looking good 6 days after the super crop