Growing tips an Help needed

Strain; Type. Killer Bag seed. Im pretty sure its a indica dominate hybrid


System type? 600w air cooled mh/hps, also 2 55w and 2 23w cfls

PH of runoff. Ihavnt tested it. Never thought to, lol

What is strength of nutrient mix? 500-700ppm

Indoor or Outdoor. Indoor

Temps; Day, Night. 77-79day/69-71night

Humidity; Day, Night. 38-42%day/56-68night

Ventilation system; Yes, 8in

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, just a AC

Co2;, No. Will be soon with just yeast an suger method
Ill post pics once i figure how to. Lol
Any an all help an advise is appreciated.
My girls are 7 weeks in veg. I wanna make them big as i can. Some leaves have holes in them an just dnt look rite. Should they be bigger then they are or? Idk. I need some help. Lol

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I just plugged my m/h light in. Is it normal for it to flicker 2,3,4 times before firing on?

What soil and how big are the pots? Whats ph going in? Im gonna say ph is not in correct zone of 6.5-6.8. You need to know the ph going in and the ph coming out… They look over watered as well. Let them dry out a bit then get a reading of runoff when watering so we can figure out whats going on at rootzone


I agree with @Dr.DankThumb420. Need to get a PH tester and see what your water is reading.
What nute brand are you using?
Also remember you will want to test the PH after
You add your nutrients. Some nutrients will lower the PH of the water.
Also how old are those plants?


My ph goin in is always between 6.2- 6.4. I just watered them a couple hours before that pic. My ph meter might be off? How could i test it to see if its still accurate? An ill test the ph coming out in a couple days. I always feel about a inch into the soil to see how dry/wet it feels. That’s usually my schedule. Water or nutes every 2-3 days. Ill wait longer from now on. My soil is a organic miracle grow for out door trees an i mixed in some sand an mulch, so it has good drainage. Using smart pots that are 5 or 7 gallon. Im not sure, there not labeled. But there pretty big, I messed up an grew 2 in one smart pot but i stacked it on another 5 or 7 gallon smart pot because the roots started coming out of the bottom so i got scared an didn’t transplant in fear of ripping roots apart that grew into the cloth pot. These are my nutes an once i switch to 12/12 ill start using the super bloom. These girls are 7 weeks into veg. I wanna grow them to 3 or 4 foot so when they finish, theyll be monster, lol +

@Jmesser80 thank you guys!!!

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@Dr.DankThumb420 is my setup good enough to produce a pound or close to it? As long as i get everything under controle?

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You can test your meter with calibration fluid wherever you bought your meter. You need to get your pH going in a bit higher think 6.5

Also what soil are you growing in. This is also very important for us to know!


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@bob31 My soil is a organic miracle grow for out door trees an i mixed in some sand an organic mulch, so it has good drainage. Using smart pots that are 5 or 7 gallon. Im not sure, there not labeled. But there pretty big

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The n.p.k ratio in the soil i used was n0.09 p0.05 k0.07 maybe the compost i mixed in is to strong?

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@Banksmoney6485 check that bag I think it will say something like like 3 month time release fertilizer.

If so no nutrients for three months if you stay in that soil. It may be ok since you added the sand but you want good breathable soil.

Also is that a soil or soil less mix? Pic of the ingredients would be great.

If it doesnt list actual soil on the bag then it will require a water pH of 5.8



i dont see soil in the ingredients, so my p.h is too high. Thats gotta be it rite? Another day an i can read the p.h comming out of the soil. Thank you sir

@bob31 @Dr.DankThumb420 @Jmesser80. Guys do u think its the super thrive im using? I use it EVERYTIME i water my girls, With or without nutes.

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Unless the “forest products” is soil? The name on the bag is soil though and they don’t use the word “mix” correct? @Banksmoney6485

A quick test to see where it is is to pH water to 6.5 pour 2 ounces or so in glass. Add table spoon of soil to the water. Wait a few minutes and check the water pH and see what it does.

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Ok. Il do that rite now, an on the front of the bag it says garden soil for in ground use

It’s probably 6.5 pH then. I’d stop the super thrive. The soil is already fertilized

@bob31 wow your good bro, its gotta be the super thrive. Ill stop it an just give plain water an see what happens in a couple weeks. Hopefully it clears up.
Thank you again for the help

also i think my p.h meter is off a couple .1s or 2

@bob31 opefully it clears up an i can start to flower my 2 girls. Hoping to get close to a pound off of them