Growing Tents for White Widow

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I am looking for recommendations on growing tents. I found a few on, but wanted to know if it would produce well with the white widow starter kit.

Its the complete 2 x 3 (36″x22″x63″) Grow Tent Package With 250-Watt HPS Grow Light + DWC Hydroponic System & Advanced Nutrients."

I wouldn’t use anything smaller than 3x3 for one plant in my opinion but i like my girls to get pretty good size. My dwc set up in my 3x3 tent fills it side to side and all the way up to 4 feet tall in 3 months veg and i feel i am still being held back by space


Sooo i may have went a lil over board but here is my new grow tent20171019_155959


:crazy_face: Holy smokes that’s a serious tent. LMAO
Well damn!!! I can only hope to get there… I am needing to start small as I learn more and more on how to grow. I’m looking into something bigger than 3x3 now.

Complete 3 x 3 (39″x39″x79″) Grow Tent Package With 400-Watt HPS + Organic Soil & Nutrients516YWjJukCL


The next best thing within my starter budget…

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Thats a good start thats what’s in my closet, it’s good for one big one or four small ones

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If you get to where you need something that big all day long 1500 bucks

This one cost $699.

This setup costs $499. I want the bucket setup like this one. 51-pl74YjmL

So I just need a larger tent right? That’s the only real difference.

Depends on how many plants an how big you want them really 3x3 4 plants in their own bucket get cramped an fight for light

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Dang. I want to grow three strains and have said to grew about 4 to 4.5 feet on average. So a higher watt light as well?
I want to grow Chronic White Widow(Fem), Extreme Girl Scout Cookies (Fem), Strawberry Kush (Fem) and Bubble gum (Fem). I have the growers bible, but want the proper setup to grow the best crop…

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They fight cause of the room you will have not wattage

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Okay. Thank you!!! I’m going to do more research on the best growing style for those strains. Thanks a bunch, you’ve helped me tons.

@JoshawaM that is a huge grow space. Sure its going to be big enough? :upside_down_face:

Next year I am thinking of getting one of those shipping containers to setup my grow in. they are like 8 by 20 or even 30 in size. the 8x20 would be plenty for me. I could wire it easily and with those huge lockable doors, no worries about anyone getting in without some serious gear with the kind of lock i will put on it. And reinforceing the doors. Will build the exhaust up through the roof so should be good and secure. I have plenty of room on this place of mine. In an unfriendly state of course. Not growing for anyone but myself so its overkill but needed for my situation.

Any time buddy

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Likewise here bud unfriendly state an I am going to have 2 veg rooms 2flower rooms a dry cure room an aroom for my beer brew setup lol the trailer is 53 feet by 102 inches across an 10 foot in hieght

Sounds like you are going to have a good setup. Makes sense too, having the different rooms. I think I would like to do that too in the container. Two grow rooms, 2 flower rooms and the dry and cure room. And also a place, the first room going in will be MY beer brewing setup. What kind of beer is your favorite to brew. I like brewing different kinds of port, and my favorite beer for summer is any kind of mexican cervesa. Cervesa is a great beer for a hot day. I brewed some this summer that I got up to 6 percent and boy was/is it tasty. My son brewed up some dark port that had chocolate in it. Not my favorite but he likes it.

forgot to add this: The brew room would be the first going in the door as it would be able to be viewed from outside and brewing beer is legal as hell so no suspicion. The good rooms would be back of the brew area, would have a “storage room” just behind the brew area full of stuff but with a slide out junk pile to access the rest of the area. Hope you follow what I mean by the slide out junk pile. Would look like a pile of stuff stored, but actually would be a door.

That’s awesome same setup i am running with lol as far as the way we are layering the rooms, an beer wise last summers turned out 12% an a lil strong but i like many variety of beer i like meudiem to dark lagers the most for flavor. I did a chocolate batch last year wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either

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@garrigan65, @Donaldj what do you think about this pic male or female 20171019_195903


@latewood what do you think male or female