Growing Super Slow Or Not At All

Yeah it’s been a week and it seems to me it should probably be a bit larger than this. I know there are several reasons that it could be but any help would be appreciated. Thanks

It’s GGA


Looks to be in a big pot. Probably setting up her root system first.


What kind of light do you have her under?

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Beelux 1000W LED, couldn’t really afford much else.

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@shdow post a pic of your light set up this may help us advise you bro


I wouldn’t worry to much as long as you’re giving her 3 sprays twice a day and a weekly half saturation she ll explode at about week 2.5


That light is fine… she’s not stretching or getting leggy. For some reason, mine always seem small compared to others but I only use a T5 for seedlings so I assume that is why.

She looks plenty healthy :slight_smile:

Nice thick main stem and she’s short. I don’t think it’s a light issue. As they have said, she might be just a slow grower. She looks healthy otherwise. Keep us posted!

Establishing root system most likely. I did mine the same, directly planted an auto flower into a 5-gallon pot. Seemed like it was doing very little the first 7-10 days, then it exploded. Wound up getting over 8-ounces dried form that one plant. Patience. Here was my first 7-days:

Thanks for the assistance, I appreciate it. I feel better now.