Growing Super Auto Jamaican Berry Indoors

This coming fall, I really want to try growing a Jamaican Berry Super Auto. I mean REALLY want to try it. I have a 2.5’x5’x7’ tent to devote to it. Has anybody tried growing this strain, particularly indoors? I’m also interested in trying to maybe fim & scrog it, since it has an approximately 6 week long veg period, followed by about 8-10 weeks of bloom. I should write to the breeder to see what they think about it, too.

Til then, anybody? Buehler? Buehler?

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Hey there @blackthumbbetty, I haven’t growing it but I do know a friend that did from out in Jamaica I know it is almost 95% sativa and 5% Ruderailus, Rastafarians consider it as and almost spiritual experience after smoking or consuming in other words. @blackthumbbetty this plant is a ceiling duster it can grow so tall I would think there would be plenty of Super Cropping I whiskey well and I will try find each out some more information for you on this one for sure :v:️.

I’ve already done the usual internet searches. I’d like first-hand experience from someone who has actually grown them inside.

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